Tourism & The Community

The tourism industry has a close relationship with the community as a whole. We encourage every citizen to contribute to Hong Kong’s tourism development by being an ambassador, showcasing the city’s unique tourism appeal and excellent hospitality. During the year, we organised and supported a number of activities inviting the public to provide further support to the Hong Kong’s tourism industry.

Becoming a “Pal” of visitors

Our Visitor Centres received more than one million visitors in 2016/17. Through our considerate service, we strive to ensure that every visitor has an unforgettable experience in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Pals programme, now in its seventh year, is one of our key initiatives to provide excellent visitor service. The “Meet the Pals” initiative under the Hong Kong Pals programme provides a platform for the Pals to share with visitors their recommendations and stories on different Hong Kong topics, such as the best photography spots, local culinary culture and the historical architecture. On special occasions and festivals, the Pals teach visitors about traditional handicrafts in the Centres, helping to provide them with a memorable cultural journey.

A Hong Kong Pal showed visitors the traditional tools used to make mooncakes.

When a couple came to Hong Kong to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, a Hong Kong Pal prepared a special piece of calligraphy as a surprise gift.

A Hong Kong Pal shared his extensive knowledge of Hong Kong with visitors at our Visitor Centre.

Fostering next generation

Our long-term tourism development depends upon the participation of youngsters in Hong Kong. In order to raise students’ awareness of the HKTB’s work, we held 21 talks in secondary schools, universities and tertiary institutes in 2016/17, reaching over 1,100 students to enhance their knowledge of the HKTB’s overseas promotion work and the latest developments in the industry.

For the sixth consecutive year, the HKTB invited tourism and hospitality students to take part in its annual event – the Hong Kong Tourism Overview. This year, over 200 students from 11 universities and tertiary institutes attended the event. This was the highest number of participating institutions yet.

The HKTB continued to support the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme which was organised by the Tourism Commission and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG). Last year, the HKTB Chairman Dr Peter Lam attended the Appointment and Awards Ceremony of the Scheme, in which 253 youngsters were appointed as Young Ambassadors to help promote Hong Kong to visitors.

The HKTB gave a presentation to students in the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), introducing the HKTB’s marketing initiatives and promotion plans in overseas markets.

The HKTB gave an introduction on its promotion work in overseas markets to students studying in the College of International Education of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

In a sharing session with students from the Hong Kong Community College of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the HKTB presented its creative promotion campaigns and PR initiatives.

Quality tourism service

Excellent tourism service is vital to ensure a memorable travel experience in Hong Kong. By supporting the work of different sectors, the HKTB actively promoted a culture of service excellence to uphold the standard of visitor service of frontline staff.

HKTB Chairman Dr Peter Lam attended the Customer Service Excellence Programme Award presentation ceremony to applaud over 900 airport staff in recognition of their quality service.

HKTB Chairman Dr Peter Lam attended the Shopping Mall Awards 2016/2017 presentation ceremony, held by the Hong Kong Economic Times, as an officiating guest to commend the outstanding performance of local shopping malls.

Mr Anthony Lau, Executive Director of HKTB, supported the Top Service Award 2016, hosted by Next Magazine, and presented prizes to the award winners.

Ms Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of the HKTB, appointed the winner of the Most Courteous Immigration Control Officers Election as the new Hong Kong Courtesy Ambassador.

Enhancing networking across industries

We continued to maintain a close tie with our partners across the spectrum, including the travel trade, Legislative Council members, chambers of commerce, and scholars, to strengthen collaboration for tourism promotion.

HKTB Executive Director Mr Anthony Lau shared the HKTB’s latest digital promotion strategy at a CEO luncheon organised by Google and exchanged ideas with our industry partners about online marketing.

Invited by the Hong Kong Management Association, HKTB Executive Director Mr Anthony Lau attended the organisation’s Theme Year Forum as a keynote speaker to explain the HKTB’s strategy to power up Hong Kong in the face of the current challenging environment to maintain Hong Kong’s position as a leading travel destination.

Ms Becky Ip, Deputy Executive Director of HKTB, attended a discussion panel organised by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and shared the HKTB’s creative initiatives and promotion strategies in the Mainland with Chinese officials and tourism industry delegates.

The HKTB met with industry representatives to give an overview of the HKTB’s work.