Quality Services

Service is a big part of the travel experience. Good service leaves a traveller with a good impression of a destination and a desire to return. Through the years, we have made our best endeavours to uphold a culture of hospitality and quality service throughout the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. Following are some of our efforts in this area in 2014/15.

Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme

  • To increase exposure and patronage for QTS merchants:
    • We partnered with Visa to launch the “Visa Quality Privileges” promotion in summer and winter, the two most popular travel seasons, attracting the participation of more than 70 QTS members; and
    • We joined hands with China Construction Bank (Asia) to launch the “2014 Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival – China Construction Bank Privileged Dining Promotion”, in which about 60 offers were arranged.
  • The Outstanding QTS Merchant and Service Staff Awards were organised for another year to commend and recognise merchants providing excellent service to consumers.

Visitor services

  • A new element, called “Meet the Pals”, was injected to the Hong Kong Pals programme, which was run for the fifth year in 2014/15. For details, please click here.

Support for our trade partners

  • Our concierge hotline, set up in late 2013, was expanded to serve more hotels and shopping malls.
  • We co-operated with American Express to organise the “Quality Services Training Series” to enhance the skills of frontline and management staff of QTS members in complaint handling, selling and talent management.

In the spotlight:

  • Our visitor centres served 1.9 million visitors.
  • Our contact centre handled 19,000 phone calls and emails enquiries.
  • Our concierge hotline was subscribed by 74 hotels and six shopping malls.
  • The QTS Scheme had 1,268 members, covering nearly 8,300 outlets in the city.