Meet The Pals

Since 2009, we have been running the “Hong Kong Pals” programme, under which volunteers from different walks of life serve as ambassadors at our visitor centres and offer assistance to visitors.

As visitors become more and more curious about our local culture following the rise of experiential tourism, we set up a new, free service under this volunteer programme in 2014, called “Meet the Pals”. By making an appointment on our website or at our visitor centres, visitors can sit down with some of the Hong Kong Pals at our two in-town visitor centres and get more information on a range of interesting topics, from Chinese paper craft and butterfly watching and hidden treasures around the Central-to-Mid-Levels Escalator. For the full list of topics, please click here.

Other Community Initiatives

Tourism is a community industry. In 2014/15, the HKTB supported various community events and activities and invited members of the public to join hands with us to promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Promoting quality service and a hospitable culture

Quality service is a key factor for the success of Hong Kong’s tourism industry. As the frontline staffs are in direct contact with visitors, they are important guardians of Hong Kong’s image as a hospitable city. In 2014/15, we supported a number of activities upholding the standard of visitor service, including the following.

The "Most Courteous Immigration Control Officer Election", organised by the Immigration Department. The HKTB appointed the winner as "Hong Kong Courtesy Ambassador".

The "2014 Top Service Awards", organised by Next Magazine to recognise enterprises and employees offering excellent customer service.

The Customer Service Excellence Programme, organised by Airport Authority Hong Kong.

The "Experiential Marketing Excellence Awards for Hong Kong Shopping Malls 2014", organised by Metro Finance and Metro Finance Digital to encourage shopping malls to create the best possible shopping experience for their customers.

The Best Travel Agency Award, organised by Weekend Weekly to motivate the travel trade.

The Shopping Mall Awards 2014/15, organised by Hong Kong Economic Times.

The 2015 Hong Kong Service Award, organised by Eastweek magazine to recognise companies providing outstanding services and products.

Strengthening ties with tertiary institues

Students are the future of our society. To encourage them to pursue a career in tourism, we strive to deepen their understanding of the industry with tertiary institutes.

We organised talks with various tertiary institutes to showcase the HKTB’s marketing work in Hong Kong and overseas.

We showed support for activities organised by tourism students.

We invited about 300 tertiary students to attend the Hong Kong Tourism Overview in March 2015, where the HKTB presented its marketing strategies and work plan for 2015/16 and the latest development of Hong Kong tourism.

Tourism met conservation and creativity

The “1,600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong: Creativity Meets Conservation” exhibition, organised by PMQ, not only promoted conservation and sustainable development, but also became a summer attraction for visitors. In addition to sending representatives to support the opening ceremony, the HKTB leveraged the exhibition to promote the newly established creative hub.

Supporting the promotion of milk tea

Milk tea is the quintessential Hong Kong beverage; the technique of milk tea making was in fact inscribed on the list of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage in June 2014. To support the promotion of this tasty beverage, Mr Anthony Lau attended the second Hong Kong Milk Tea Day event, at which he presented awards to young milk tea masters.

Members of the Hong Kong Single Parents Association enjoy the Chinese New Year night parade

The Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade is a highlight of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong. To spread good wishes on the special occasion, the HKTB collaborated with the Hong Kong Single Parents Association to arrange for about 100 families from the association to enjoy the night parade and soak in the festivities. We also welcomed the participants with New Year greetings and presents.