My time for Hong Kong

The dizzyingly diverse dining scene reigns supreme when it comes to Japanese visitors’ favourite Hong Kong experience. Throughout 2014/15, we championed dining as the main reason for visiting Hong Kong through various media channels, especially high-rating TV programmes. Our Hong Kong Friendship Ambassadors, top performance group EXILE, also promoted dining along with other experiences to their fans. Their trip to Hong Kong was featured in different media outlets and a leading travel guidebook, generating massive awareness among Japanese consumers.


The media value generated by EXILE alone was as high as HK$79 million.

Trade Programme

A large-scale travel mission was organised in September to three major cities: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Over 1,500 one-on-one sessions were held between the Hong Kong delegates and 241 representatives from the Japanese travel trade. This marked the first time the HKTB opened up the travel mission platform to retail partners. The travel mission was wrapped up at the JATA Tourism EXPO, the biggest travel event in Japan.