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10 Hong Kong restaurants you should bookmark for Chinese New Year

Time Out Hong Kong
  • Written by Time Out Hong Kong

It’s time to ring in the Year of the Dragon! Chinese New Year (CNY) is all about reunion with your loved ones, and what better way to celebrate than with a delectable, auspicious feast? Hong Kong offers a diverse range of dining options for CNY from lavish sets and authentic fare to creative twists on traditional dishes. Consider one (or more) of these 10 dining spots for your festive gatherings, accredited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board under the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme, which recognises merchants in the city that consistently deliver high standards of product quality and service. 

Canton Room

1. Canton Room

Whether you’re planning a classic dim sum lunch, formal feast or banquet, make your way to the award-winning Canton Room housed within Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves traditional Cantonese fare, including barbecued pork with honey sauce, baked crab carapace stuffed with crab meat, and baked pomfret with salad. 

Chiu Tang

2. Chiu Tang

Chiu Tang celebrates the traditions of authentic Chiu Chow cuisine through faithful renditions of timeless recipes that are rooted in cooking methods like steaming, poaching, and braising. The restaurant presents a range of CNY specialties this year, including wok-fried sliced lobsters, Chiu Chow-style marinated deboned pork knuckles, braised shark fin, and more.

Chuan Palace

3. Chuan Palace

At Chuan Palace, the spiciness of Sichuan fare shines in harmony with the mildly sweet Cantonese flavours. Dig into signature dishes like Sichuan-style stewed mandarin fish and ox tongue, sliced pork belly with mashed garlic, steamed minced beef balls, sauteed diced chicken with spicy red chilli, and Sichuanese-inspired dim sum. The restaurant also rolls out a series of CNY specialty dishes and sets. 

Dragon Gown Restaurant

4. Dragon Gown Restaurant

Enjoy the fusion of traditional CNY dishes with a Western twist at Dragon Gown Restaurant. Main dish options range from Australian greenlip abalones, geoduck, and Alaskan crab to Australian lobster, and ‘Prosperity Toss’ (lo hei) — a beloved Singaporean and Malaysian festive cuisine featuring colourful ingredients like shredded vegetables and crushed peanuts and walnuts. For a more intimate dining experience, consider booking one of its private rooms with a large LED screen, lighting and sound equipment.

Gateway Cuisine

5. Gateway Cuisine

Situated at the edge of Lei Yue Mun, Gateway Cuisine boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to the breathtaking Victoria Harbour, as well as an open kitchen and nature-inspired decorations. With 28 years of history, the restaurant serves delicious seafood dishes like salty and spicy king mantis prawns, grilled prawns with soy sauce, and fried lobsters. Keep an eye out for their complimentary CNY souvenirs! 

Jardin De Jade

6. Jardin De Jade

Celebrate CNY with a healthy, delicious Shanghainese feast at Jardin De Jade. The Wan Chai branch has been awarded a Michelin star for 11 consecutive years since 2013. In addition to signature dishes like jasmine tea smoked duck, shrimps with honey bean, and braised pork, diners can savour seasonal offerings like deep fried fish in sweet and sour sauce and braised scallops with dry oysters and nostoc. 

Peace Cuisine

7. Peace Cuisine

Showcasing a contemporary Chinese ambience, Peace Cuisine is your go-to destination for exquisite flavours from Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghai. The restaurant is known for its signature ‘Eat Without Delay’ Xiao Long Bao (steamed minced pork dumplings) and deep-fried chicken with ginger, scallion and soy sauce. Don’t miss out on their delectable array of CNY specialties!

10 Shanghai

8. 10 Shanghai

10 Shanghai presents refined Huaiyang cuisine that combines the best flavours from Suzhou and Shanghai. Its stylish, modern interior features a soothing green and blue palette that takes inspiration from the classical Chinese moon gate. Try the aged Shaoxing Huadiao-brined chicken, sauteed prawns with scallion and crispy tea leaves, and wok-fried mud crab sauteed with glutinous rice. For CNY, the restaurant is bringing back their popular Huaiyang-style poon choi — a unique communal dish that consists of multiple layers of ingredients.  

818 The Seafood

9. 818 The Seafood

For an indulgent seafood feast, head to 818 The Seafood in Harbour City. Known for its fresh and seasonal seafood sourced from all over the world, the restaurant offers standout dishes such as baked crab with Sarawak black pepper and 48-hour smoked duck, featuring sliced duck skins smoked with jasmine tea leaves and wood chips. During CNY, 818 The Seafood offers festive specialties such as a deluxe poon choi, CNY puddings, and premium South African whole abalone ‘lo hei’


10. Voynich

Voynich stands out from other Chinese restaurants with its classical English interior design inspired by world-renowned spies. It pays homage to traditional Chinese cuisine with a touch of modernity and sustainability. Must-tries include baked Spanish pork with ​​mandarin peels and herbs, as well as deep-fried, crispy baby pigeon stuffed with pear and stewed baby pigeon breast. Their festive set menus and CNY puddings won’t disappoint if you’re looking to enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones! 

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