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Hidden Gems of Old Hong Kong Island

Get a taste of ‘old Hong Kong’ with this tour touching on the city’s distinctive cultural, culinary and cinematic heritage. Enjoy a trip to a 40-year-old Cantonese opera house, traditional local shops, and a neighbourhood whose unique architectural charm draws Hollywood filmmakers.

Tour details


See the famous 'Monster Building' at Quarry Bay. Take a tram ride from Quarry Bay to North Point. Explore Sunbeam Theatre, a Cantonese opera house that is over 40 years old. Visit a shop where three generations of craftsmen have handmade traditional embroidered shoes, and try your hand at the ancient tradition of Petty Person Beating at Ngo Keng Kiu. Finally, taste authentic local wonton noodles.



Departure time

11am, Monday to Friday

Pick-up points

MTR Quarry Bay Station


Approximately 3 hours

Tour operator

Breakaway Travel International Ltd


phone-handset +852 2367 3018

phone-handset +852 2367 3018


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