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Newest and Insta-worthy art: Old Town Central's street gems

A girl in a long pink dress walks past a large street mural of a girl’s face amid colourful shapes.

Looking for the newest and most Instagram-worthy spots that also exude artsy flair? Explore Old Town Central, Hong Kong’s most quintessential neighbourhood, where intriguing street art is hidden, transforming ordinary alleys into galleries of urban creativity. Each piece is not only eye-catching but also steeped in stories that resonate deeply. The murals showcase the city's multicultural diversity and creative spirit, with contributions from local, Mainland China and international artists. So, grab your camera, take a leisurely stroll, and uncover some of the latest and greatest street art to elevate your Instagram feed! 

Discover the latest street art gems

Mural by Seth featuring a whimsical childhood scene in Kau U Fong Playground.

Image courtesy of Kyra Campbell

Kau U Fong Children’s Playground


Start your artistic adventure at Kau U Fong Children’s Playground, where French artist, Seth, fuses his mural with its real-life environment. The artwork portrays a boy on a swing hanging from an actual tree in a playground, watching a girl soaring into the sky, serving as a simple yet poignant reminder of youthful aspirations and the boundless imagination of art. 

Mural by Nut featuring a large grey falcon, symbolising aspiration at Tank Lane and Square Street.

Intersection of Tank Lane and Square Street


Admire a piece by Mainland China artist, Nut, who often adopts blue-and-white porcelain in his art. Centered around a large falcon, this mural symbolises soaring hopes and the thrilling allure of the unknown. 

‘Hong Kong Walls’ by Jaune, depicting traditional tenements.

Image courtesy of Daniel Murray

Intersection of Kau U Fong and Aberdeen Street


This vivid mural called ‘Hong Kong Walls’ represents Belgian stencil artist, Jaune’s classic visual narrative of Hong Kong. Blending into its surroundings, it vividly depicts the city’s traditional tenements, workers on bamboo scaffolding and playing kung fu.

Butterfly Effect’ mural by FEVER in Sheung Wan's Graffiti Lane

Image courtesy of Kyra Campbell

Graffiti Lane (near 182 Hollywood Road)


Head to Sheung Wan's renowned Graffiti Lane, where local talent, FEVER, captures imaginations using his signature graffiti-style for a neon design called ‘Butterfly Effect’.  

A girl standing in front of the red and grey mural by Satr of a fox at Po Wa Street and Chung Wo Lane.

Intersection of Po Wa Street and Chung Wo Lane


This mural by Mainland China artist Satr showcases her unique use of spray paint to create distinctive contours and forms that is reminiscent of ink painting, featuring her recognisable animal artwork of a fox and bird. It captures an insightful observation, reflecting the city's vibrant energy through these dynamic animals. 

HERA's mural of a white dove and girl reading books promoting hope and love at Tank Lane and Rozario Street.

Image courtesy of Kyra Campbell

Intersection of Tank Lane and Rozario Street


Full of emotional depth, German artist HERA's artwork ‘If I were a hero in a story, I would choose hope and love as my companions’ radiates positivity through its imagery and message, aiming to inspire and uplift its audience.

Polo Stellato’s mural by UNO, a colourful tribute to Marco Polo's journey.

Image courtesy of Kyra Campbell

Rapha (Intersection of Water Lane and Hollywood Road)


From Italy, artist UNO created ‘Polo Stellato’ specifically for the HKwalls Street Art Festival 2024. The mural uses geometric patterns to create a strikingly colourful tribute to Marco Polo and his journey from Italy to Asia.

Mural of a girl amid flowers by Shaw Daan at 60 Lyndhurst Terrace.

Image courtesy of Victor Tong

Blossom & Beyond (60 Lyndhurst Terrace)

Shaw Daan

This eye-catching piece by Mainland China artist, Shaw Daan, depicts a young girl amidst vibrant patterns. This echos the bustling traffic and the dynamic crowds of Hong Kong.

Explore popular street art

Pop art mural featuring icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn at Madera Hollywood.

Madera Hollywood Hotel

Rob Sketcherman

This dazzling mural has undoubtedly become a popular photo spot! Set against the enchanting skyline of Hong Kong, it features iconic figures such as the cultural icon Marilyn Monroe, legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, comedic actor Charlie Chaplin, and pop musician Frank Sinatra in pop art style. 

Alex Croft’s mural of traditional Hong Kong houses on Hollywood Road.

G.O.D. on Hollywood Road (Intersection of Graham Street and Hollywood Road)

Alex Croft

Featuring old Hong Kong houses set against a charming blue backdrop, Alex Croft’s mural at the G.O.D. store on Hollywood Road has become a beloved choice for Instagram users, capturing a vibrant snapshot of the city's rich heritage. 

Bold mural by Shingo featuring the bauhinia flower and Hong Kong’s skyline.

Shingo Art
(Intersection of Shelley Street and Hollywood Road)

Shingo Katori

Near the Mid-Levels Escalator, immerse yourself in a piece by renowned Japanese celebrity Shingo Katori. His bold use of red and local motifs like the bauhinia flower encapsulates Hong Kong’s iconic skyline in a uniquely captivating way. 

Interactive mural by Victoriano with augmented reality at Chung Wo Lane.

Intersection of Chung Wo Lane and Staunton Street


For a touch of interactive art, Spanish artist Victoriano offers a mural on Chung Wo Lane that leaps into life through augmented reality. Depicting lively urban scenes and old printing presses, this piece bridges past and present with a digital twist. Make sure to download the required app to see this mural in full animated glory!


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