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Make a summer splash at Water World Ocean Park

Enjoy a fun-filled day out with the whole family at Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Ready to explore the wonders of nature and challenge the waves? Welcome, adventurers, to Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong! Join us on the slides and splash into the waves and rivers in the five zones in Asia's first all-weather, year-round water park. This guide will be your handy companion with all the must-see attractions at Water World and provide you with practical tips for your adventure at Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong!

Spend a day at Asia’s first all-weather, year-round water park in Hong Kong.

Ticketing and transportation

Check the website for updated admission ticket pricing for Water World. It’s recommended that visitors reserve dated tickets online due to limited daily admission quotas. Same-day tickets are available for purchase at the ticket counter depending on availability. Please contact Ocean Park at 3923 2323 to confirm before your journey.

Visitors are advised to take public transport to access Water World. The MTR Ocean Park Station on the South Island Line allows direct and easy access to Ocean Park's entrance for complimentary shuttle bus service to Water World. Shuttle bus service runs from 7am to two hours after closing of the park. Other modes of transportation to and from Water World include Citybus routes 629 and 629M (for return trip only), and green minibus routes 29A, 29X and 59S. Please see the Water World website for the most up-to-date transportation information. Visitors can also take a taxi to and from Water World.

Water World Ocean Park has 27 indoor and outdoor attractions and five different zones to explore.


Fully immerse yourself in the enticing experiences with 27 indoor and outdoor attractions across five zones within Water World! There are no better zones than the thrilling ‘Torrential River’ for water sports lovers seeking an adrenaline rush! Get turned around on the exciting ‘Cyclone Spin’ and ‘Tropical Twist’. Grab a mat on ‘Rainbow Rush’ and get fired into a pitch-black, twisting tube before emerging out onto a massive drop right to the finish line. Adventurers can also get on a rubber raft at ‘Vortex!’ and embark on a journey of screams and laughter in an enclosed flume packed with a dark section of twists and turns.

There’s so much adventure to be had at Hong Kong’s newest attraction.

For our risk-takers trying to test their limits, ‘Thrill Valley’, set high atop the mountain, will surely be the zone to remember. Three body slides at this zone gives all levels of fear and fun — ‘Thunder Loop’ brings crazy loops and turns; experience a straight free-fall drop at ‘Daredevil Drop’; and adventurers take control as they go into the open-tube splashes at ‘Bravery Cliffs’. Other than the three body slides, at Skyhigh Falls adventurers can join up with their friends to experience a lift-off: a momentary ‘hang time’ in mid-air before plunging into a massive drop!

Water World is for everybody and there’s so much to see and do.

Apart from these exciting attractions, Ocean Park offers many other zones for children and family members to enjoy quality family time. Step into the expansive Water World Plaza right on the shore of the sea at ‘Splendid Reef’ and take a stroll alongside the ocean breeze. At ‘Hidden Village’ sits ‘Surf Striker’, Hong Kong’s first-ever indoor surfing simulator. The trainers at the attraction are ready to assist all the adventurers during the fun and challenging experience of surfing the waves. Young children are welcome to explore the joys of Water World too at ‘Whiskers' Splash’. For a more chillaxed experience, ‘Adventure Coast’ is the hidden oasis for adventurers to catch some surf in ‘Big Wave Bay’, or simply enjoy the spectacular views of the southern Hong Kong shoreline in one of the cabanas.

You won’t go hungry at Water World Ocean Park with plenty of cuisines on offer.


After spending all the energy splashing and sliding around Water World, it’s time to indulge and have a large feast! Food and beverage outlets around the park fit everyone's appetite, with a selection of cuisines ranging from Middle Eastern-style kebabs, grills and barbeques, local snacks, and more: enjoy mouthwatering gourmet dishes, crispy and juicy fried chicken from Big Wave Snack in front of the panoramic sea view; taste the freshness at Cavern's Kitchen with new-age selections such as plant-based meat and environmentally friendly seafood; and try a wide range of halal dishes at Horizon Grill like shawarma wraps, tacos and burgers, which are certified by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel features a total of 471 guest rooms and suites which combine modern design with nature-inspired decor, including three family guest rooms themed around ‘Whiskers and Friends’ with airy, oceanic-inspired decor. Alternatively, The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong offers a relaxing and tranquil retreat adjacent to the Water World Ocean Park, with 425 well-appointed guest rooms overlooking the South China Sea, five dining destinations, and other luxury amenities. 

Useful Tips

Bookmark these little tips and enjoy Water World Ocean Park!

  • The car park will admit only vehicles with confirmed reservations and on-site queuing service is not available. Visitors should secure their car park booking prior to their trip. Private cars without a valid parking reservation may stop momentarily at designated areas to drop off or pick up passengers and depart immediately.
  • Complimentary shuttle bus service to Water World is available at the Ocean Park Public Bus Interchange located near the Ocean Park entrance. Visitors are required to make online reservations with their valid ticket number. Once the reservation is successful, please save the screenshot for shuttle bus boarding and admission.
  • Disposable baby swim pants are available for purchase at ‘Treasure Reef’ on the first floor, parents are welcome to enjoy Water World with their babies and toddlers; ‘Whiskers' Splash’ on the third floor can keep children safe and entertained.
  • Two types of storage lockers are offered in Water World for visitors to store personal items: large storage lockers are available for daily rental of unlimited access within the rental period, with the price ranging from HK$120 to HK$280; mini storage lockers are available for one-time rental at the price of HK$20. To avoid travelling between storage lockers and park areas, it is recommended to bring along waterproof pouches within the park, though waterproof pouches are not permitted in certain attractions such as ‘Rainbow Rush’.
  • No clothing restrictions are enforced in the park. However, for safety concerns on certain slides, visitors are advised not to wear swimsuits with back zippers, metal buckles or rivets.

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