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Warm your winter with Hong Kong’s finest hotpots

  • Written by TOPick

As the temperature drops, Hong Kong’s dining scene awakens with a tempting array of seasonal delicacies. Yet, when it comes to the most heartwarming, belly-satisfying experience that brings loved ones closer, nothing beats the joy of gathering around a bubbling hotpot. Hotpot has become a year-round favourite among locals, and the city offers an impressive selection of hotpot restaurants that cater to every taste. If you’re in search of unique flavours accompanied by assured quality of service, we’ve selected six hotpot joints under the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme that guarantee an unforgettable dining experience. 

HAP Taiwanese Hotpot.

HAP Taiwanese Hotpot: a taste of Taiwanese night markets

HAP Taiwanese Hotpot is renowned for its taste buds-pleasing Mala Spicy Duck Blood Herbal Hotpot. Crafted from aromatic spices and herbs, this tantalising soup base perfectly complements the tender and scrumptious duck blood curds. HAP offers seven other soup bases with homemade dipping sauces that create a multi-layered flavour and lasting aftertaste. The restaurant sources a variety of ingredients from Taiwan, including Taiwanese-style tofu puffs and succulent black fish fillets. There’s also a self-service area with an ever-changing array of Taiwanese night market snacks, from handmade egg pancakes to special mala spicy popcorn and plum-flavoured popcorn, alongside its signature red bean soup and hand-shaken beverages. 

Great Beef Hotpot

Great Beef Hotpot: a perfect place for get-togethers

Opened in 2009, Great Beef Hotpot is a Hong Kong-style hotpot eatery dedicated to crafting food offerings with care for diners. It offers a wide range of MSG-free soup bases with top-notch ingredients. On the menu you’ll find specialties such as the Sichuan Mala Hotpot, Herbal Wined Chicken Hotpot, and the highly recommended Chicken Pot with vegetarian fins and white gourd. Fresh seafood and meat, including handcut local beef, Sichuan’s fish fillet with pickled vegetables and sashimi platters, are procured daily to offer diners both Chinese and Japanese options. For group gatherings, book a VIP room — the Karaoke Hotpot Room, for example, allows guests to enjoy karaoke while feasting on delicious food.

Megan’s Kitchen

Megan’s Kitchen: a Korean culinary journey

For 18 years, Megan’s Kitchen has introduced new hotpot dishes every September. Their latest collection boasts signature soup bases with a Korean theme. Take Galbitang (Korean Beef Short Ribs and Radish Soup), which combines Korean and Hong Kong flavours in a collagen-packed broth with slow-cooked beef short ribs and sweet white radish. Vegetarians will enjoy the Korean Kimchi Rice Cake Tofu Soup, a combination of crunchy and spicy kimchi with velvety tofu. Hotpot ingredients on offer include an assortment of handmade dumplings, including Bulgogi Dumplings (BBQ Beef and Onion), Budae Jjigae Dumplings (Kimchi Rice Cake Army Base Stew), Doenjang Mun-eo, Ojing-eo Meatballs (Octopus and Cuttlefish in Korean Beanpaste), Japchae Dumplings (Stir-Fried Noodles with Veggies) and Gochujang Haemul Dumplings (Spicy Seafood). Meanwhile, meat lovers can savour the finest selection of premium Korean and Japanese beef, such as the Korean Gangwon 1+ Deluxe Sirloin and the Japanese A5 Miyazaki Sirloin.

Sweet Rice Hotpot

Sweet Rice Hotpot: a congee-based indulgence

Not your usual hotpot with strong flavours, Sweet Rice Hotpot offers unique congee-based hotpots with fresh, natural ingredients. Using no oil, salt and MSG as seasonings, the congee base derives its flavours from pickled vegetables, fresh ingredients including poultry and meat, as well as carefully picked live seafood, such as crabs, prawns, clams and abalones. The result is a harmonious blend with a sweet, fresh taste and a smooth texture. There’s even a special menu for kids, so families can enjoy a cosy, heartwarming meal together. 

The Fish House

The Fish House: a pot of Hunan-Sichuan-style goodies

Helmed by Sichuan chefs, The Fish House serves up authentic Hunan-Sichuan dishes, featuring a variety of chilli peppers, cooking techniques and ingredient combinations. A must-try is their specialty Hunan-Sichuan-Style Fish Fillet with Pickled Vegetables, which consists of a 24-hour simmered pork bone broth. The rich broth base perfectly complements the sourness of the long-marinated Lao Tan pickled cabbage and fish fillet. Besides hotpots, the restaurant also offers a range of claypot rice dishes that blend international and local elements — think Korean Cheese Kimchi Rice and Tamago Teriyaki Eel Rice.

Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant

Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant: an authentic Chongqing hotpot for spicy food lovers

Founded in 2016 by a hotpot aficionado, Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant brings the authentic flavours of Chongqing-style hotpot to Hong Kong. Their revolutionary stir-frying technique combines five key ingredients: Sichuan Hanyuan peppercorns, premium butter, Sichuan Pixian bean paste, Yunnan old ginger and Chongqing Shizhu red dried chilli pepper. This masterful combination captures the essence of the traditional Chongqing hotpot to create a symphony of taste that would satisfy any spicy food and hotpot lovers. Try the exquisite Eighteen Signature Dishes, which showcase premium ingredients such as handmade prawn paste from Malaysia, limited-supply fresh pig kidney slices and freshly made iced beef tripe. As they simmer in the bubbling red pot, these ingredients release an enticing aroma and deliver a truly memorable taste experience. Uncle Fong also offers seasonal limited ingredients and broth choices, including the nourishing lamb broth to keep you warm in the colder months. 

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