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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of Hong Kong’s biggest festivals and is celebrated with red lanterns, lion dances, markets, prayers for good fortune and auspicious cuisines. From interactive installations to festive decorations there are plenty of celebratory events throughout the city to start the new year with joy and prosperity.

As a signature Chinese New Year celebration in town, the Chinese New Year Night parade brings people together to enjoy a world party like no other. The "Cathay International Chinese New Year Night Parade" on the first day of the Year of Dragon (10 February 2024) was a resounding success, captivating both the local public and visitors alike. The streets were filled with excitement as the parade showcased the best of carnival and multicultural festivities. With nine magnificent floats and an unprecedented lineup of 29 performing groups, the parade brought Tsim Sha Tsui to life with its dazzling display. The event truly embodied the energy and enthusiasm of the Dragon, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Let the spirit of the Chinese New Year continue to inspire and bring joy to everyone until the next spectacular parade.

Revisit the Year of the Dragon festivities here:

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Event Sponsorship Opportunities

An array of highlighted events in Hong Kong successfully attracts thousands of participants annually, generating massive global media coverage. Click here for details. 

Performance Team

Local and international performers are now invited to participate in the 'International Chinese New Year Night Parade' event. Please feel free to contact us here for more details. 

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