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Shenzhen is located in Guangdong province, adjacent to Hong Kong and bordering Dongguan city and Huizhou city. As China’s first Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen’s pleasant climate and picturesque coastal and mountain scenery have turned it into an attractive travel destination, which earned a place on The New York Times’ list of the world's 31 must-visit destinations. It is also a major transport hub for entering and departing the Mainland.

Shenzhen offers 271 kilometres of coastline serving up high-quality beaches; a vibrant metropolitan lifestyle with cultural and entertainment attractions, shopping malls, food streets and nightlife districts; 15 golf clubs, including one of the world’s largest; and a selection of amusement parks that has made the city China’s true capital of theme parks.


OCT • East

Covering nearly nine square kilometres, OCT•East is China's first National Eco-Tourism Demonstration Zone, jointly awarded by the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Environment Protection. Following a theme of the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature, the site is composed of two ecological theme parks, two mountain golf courses, three scenic towns, four resort hotels, a selection of performing arts attractions and a Buddhist theme park.

Splendid China•China Folk Culture Village

Splendid China • China Folk Culture Village

Splendid China•China Folk Culture Village is a park showcasing miniatures of China’s most famous sights, distributed according to their location within the country. The entire park looks like a huge map of China and also brings together the customs of the country’s 56 ethnic groups through free traditional performances.

 Window of the World

Window of the World

Window of the World takes a similar approach to Splendid China•China Folk Culture Village by using miniatures, but is even more ambitious in that it represents the entire world’s most famous sights to capture the essence of thousands of years of human civilisation. There are more than 130 representations, including historical sites, natural scenery, world wonders, folk dwellings and sculpture. There are also folk songs and dances, large-scale performances and high-tech participatory entertainment projects.

Getting there from Hong Kong


Around 7-12 minutes via the East Rail Line from Sheung Shui Station


Around 14 minutes via high-speed rail from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station


Varies based on point of departure

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