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Spooktastic Halloween celebrations in Hong Kong

Jack-o’-lantern decorations in Hong Kong during Halloween

As an East-meets-West city, Hong Kong has long developed its own Halloween celebrations. Each year, the city’s shopping malls and major attractions such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park all get a spooky makeover with fun activities for all to enjoy. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about ‘spooktastic’ Halloween festivities around the city — let’s dive right in!

Best places to find your Halloween costumes

Find all kinds of creative costumes and props you need for Halloween on Pottinger Street in Central, Hong Kong

It’s not Halloween without a good dress-up. This time of year is the best opportunity to turn your costume and cosplay fantasies into reality. Whether you want to dress as a vampire, zombie or witch, these are the four best locations in Hong Kong to get what you need for your costume.

  1. Pottinger Street, Central 
    Every year before Halloween, the stalls on this historical street start selling everything you’d need for the big celebration, from ready-to-wear costumes and masks to decorations.

  2. Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po
    This is the go-to spot for those looking for Halloween party accessories and costumes at an affordable price. 

  3. Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai
    If you’re looking for a variety of costumes at a wider price range, head to Tai Yuen Street, also known as ‘Toy Street’, in Wan Chai. 

  4. Major supermarkets
    Most major supermarket chains and department stores have a Halloween section, so you can easily stock up on your favourite festive treats and decorations!  

Let’s party at Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park

Now that you’ve got your costume ready, it’s time to party! Each October, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park transform into thrilling Halloween wonderlands with a full range of hair-raising limited-time experiences. Step into a world of enchantment and villainous delights, with wicked parties, spooky festivities and electrifying street parades at Hong Kong Disneyland. Or, brace yourself in the haunted houses at Ocean Park, where you’ll navigate dark corridors, encounter ghastly creatures, and immerse yourself in a night of unending scares. The Ocean Park Water World also hosts a Halloween party where you’ll surely have some spooky, splashy fun! Stay tuned to their official websites for more details.

Trick or treat! Enjoy Halloween-themed delicacies

As Halloween approaches, many restaurants in Hong Kong are decorated with jack-o’-lanterns and other Halloween-themed decorations for a festive atmosphere

In the West, children would dress up and knock door-to-door for candies with their jack-o'-lanterns. In Hong Kong, trick-or-treating has evolved into a holiday-themed gastronomic experience with specially designed dishes and drinks that you simply can’t miss. 

Make your own Halloween special desserts

Want to whip up your own Halloween treats? There’s no shortage of bakeries that offer special workshops for those who enjoy baking in Hong Kong. Local bakery Home Baking Day, for example, offers a range of themed desserts from cakes to brownies to cookies. Visit their shops with your friends to prepare handmade desserts ahead of your Halloween parties. Their cute little bat-shaped Oreo chewy breads come highly recommended — they’re as delicious as they look!

Make scarily good Halloween dim sum at home

Are you abroad and missing the Hong Kong Halloween vibe? We’ve prepared a special recipe for you to make your own Halloween dim sum. Have a taste of Hong Kong while trick-or-treating!

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