Multi-Destination Travel

Many visitors to Hong Kong travel on a multi-destination basis, with over 80% from long-haul markets doing so. To give travellers more options and to add value to their travel experience, the HKTB co-operated with Macau, Mainland cities and other Asian destinations to offer different promotions and travel deals. Following are our major co-ops in 2014/15.

Long-haul Markets


With the Shenzhen Tourism Bureau (SZTB) and the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), we organised a joint road show to promote the appeal of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau to about 100 trade and media guests in the travel market. We also launched online and tactical promotions with key Russian trade partners to boost package sales.


We purchased a massive “Two Wonders, One Trip” billboard ad on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, promoting Hong Kong and the Chengdu panda experience, and further raised awareness of the combo itinerary through a radio campaign directing traffic to a tour operator website selling related packages. In addition, we rolled out a Flight Centre campaign with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. For details, please click here.


For the first time, Hong Kong partnered with Macau and the Mainland on a multi-destination promotion on TravelZoo. For details, please click here.

Short-haul markets


We joined hands with SZTB and Cathay Pacific Airways to roll out new Hong Kong-Shenzhen packages featuring special airfares, hotel offers and attractions admission tickets. Separately, the HKTB and MGTO launched a digital promotion programme introducing new Hong Kong-Macau travel products.


We worked with the MGTO and Indian agents to launch promotions in the Delhi National Capital Region, Pan India, Kolkata and Mumbai, generating sales of 1,300 packages.