Marketing Initiatives

We redefined our marketing strategy to focus on developing engaging content and its distribution. With this strategy, we created “My Time for Hong Kong”, a new global brand campaign with exciting content, featuring a range of Hong Kong travel experiences. We then determined the most effective channels to distribute the content through.


Hong Kong is, no doubt, a city of content, offering a vast number of diverse experiences. In 2014/15, to inspire visitors, we packaged this Hong Kong content into the following initiatives:

  • Brand Videos

    We produced nine brand videos in which key opinion leaders, most of whom make Hong Kong their home, take viewers around town to experience the city through their own eyes.

  • Hong Kong Insider's Guide

    We partnered with local insiders to explore every nook and cranny of the 18 districts of Hong Kong, unveiling hidden gems and local community culture. For details, please click here.

  • My Hong Kong Guide

    The three-in-one “My Hong Kong Guide”, available both on our website and as a mobile app, facilitates itinerary planning and sharing on the go. It offers both personalisation and flexibility, giving users greater freedom to shape their own travel experiences. For details, please click here.


The brand videos are featured on our YouTube channel and also on regional TV networks. Meanwhile, serves as our communications backbone, hosting the content we have developed while we deepen our connection with consumers through social media. Our Facebook and Weibo pages are among the most popular of all national tourism organisations, with more than 2.9 million fans. From time to time, we roll out new Facebook campaigns, giving away bespoke experience trips in Hong Kong, such as our Fungineer and Ask the Boss campaigns in 2014. We also use Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to further extend our reach.

In the spotlight:

  • The "My Time for Hong Kong" campaign generated a total of 1,504 media pieces, HK$12 million in publicity value, 744 million impressions and 17 million video views.
  • The "My Hong Kong Guide" was downloaded 85,000 times during the year, with 84% of users saying it was easy to use, and 82% saying they would recommend it to friends.
  • recorded 65.5 million page views during the year.
  • The number of fans reached 3.7 million across all social media platforms.
  • Market-specific Facebook pages were set up for Korea, Russia, Vietnam and the Middle East.