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West Kowloon Cultural District Performing Arts Season 2021–2022

Xiqu Centre and Freespace present the new Performing Arts Season 2021–2022. Audiences can enjoy the wonderful programmes on site or in their own neighbourhoods. One of the summer highlights — Summer Holiday: Hong Kong World Champs — showcases the talents of some of the world’s top yoyo, kendama and jump rope performers!

Other highlights:
Theatre performances: Edward Lam Dance Theatre Hello, Baoyu!
Xiqu: GuoGuang Opera Company: The Dream of an Embroidered Robe and Winter Holiday Comedy: The Emperor
Music performances: Freespace Ensemble & Freespace Jazz Fest
Dance and interactive installation: William Forsythe’s Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2 (an interactive installation)

Thông tin chi tiết về sự kiện


26 June 2021 to 31 March 2022

Thời gian

Various Times

Địa điểm

Xiqu Centre and Freespace in West Kowloon Cultural District & Online

(Các) Danh mục

Stage Productions, Chinese Opera, Dance, Music performances

Vào cửa

Various Prices

Bán vé

Please refer to event website for ticketing details.

Câu hỏi

phone-handset +852 2200 0022

phone-handset +852 2200 0022

Ban tổ chức

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

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