Lantau and Monastery Tour

Lantau and Monastery Tour

This tour is temporarily suspended.

Transit passengers are actually in the ideal spot to check out one of Hong Kong’s most famous sights as it’s conveniently located right near Hong Kong International Airport. The airport sits upon Hong Kong's largest island, Lantau Island, which also hosts a majestic, 34-metre, outdoor, bronze Buddha statue. But, first up, you’ll make a stop to visit the Tanka boat people's stilt-house fishing village at Tai O, before taking a winding road up to a 520-metre plateau to check out the famous Po Lin Monastery and cast your eyes upon the Big Buddha. You can’t leave Hong Kong without sampling some local food and the tour makes time for a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by the monks at the monastery. You also have the option to take the 5.7-kilometre Ngong Ping Cable Car that provides spectacular panoramic views of the Big Buddha, Lantau North Country Park, the South China Sea and the airport. Finally, you’ll be dropped off to your airport hotel at around 3:30–4pm, leaving you plenty of time for an evening flight connection out of Hong Kong.

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