Cheung Chau Island Tour

Cheung Chau Island Tour

This tour gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this tiny dumbbell-shaped island by foot, which is bursting with unique history, culture and tradition. The tour includes a visit to the island’s Pak Tai Temple, which is dedicated to the Taoist God Pak Tai and was built in 1783 incorporating traditional Chinese elements like ceramic figurines on the roof ridges, murals containing auspicious motifs and stone lions in the forecourt. You’ll also trek to Tung Wan Beach, a hot spot for swimmers, windsurfers and canoers, which also protects 3,000-year-old Bronze Age rock carvings. Then, take a 20-minute sampan ride and cruise around the typhoon shelter to see an old fishing community still living on their boats. The sampan will then carry you to West Bay and the famous Cheung Po Tsai Cave – the hideout of a famous local pirate! You’ll also check out a 17th century Tin Hau Temple, which attracts local fisherfolk who come to worship the famous Goddess of the Sea.

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