Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Dragons Hong Kong

The city’s biggest and most colourful festival, Chinese New Year next falls in February and is an amazing opportunity to embrace the spirit of the East!

Lucky you if you’re in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, the city’s biggest and most colourful festival. It is impossible to not be caught up in the energy as you squeeze into crowded temples to pray for good fortune, browse festive markets selling auspicious foods and blooms, and photograph the vibrant red lanterns that adorn the city.


Chinese New Year Hong Kong


With a fabulous parade of floats, international and local performers, a stunning fireworks show over the harbour and heart-pounding action at the race track, Chinese New Year in Hong Kong is a vibrant celebration of culture, colour and wishes of good fortune to come.


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The International Chinese New Year Night Parade is one of Hong Kong’s most anticipated annual events, with fantastic floats and spectacular performances by local and international performers, welcoming Chinese New Year with a festive energy that is uniquely Hong Kong.


CNY Parade Hong Kong


Please note that most government offices, banks and public utilities will be closed for the Chinese New Year public holidays in Hong Kong. Check dates here.

However, most shops and restaurants in the busiest districts will remain open. Some shopping malls may even extend their service hours. Major attractions, theme parks and public transport will operate as usual.


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Want to know where is the luckiest location to celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong? Check out our list of fortune hotspots for your Chinese Zodiac sign.

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