Jordan Hammond Explores Hong Kong

Lion's Rock © Jordan Hammond

Photographer Jordan Hammond headed back to Hong Kong to explore the lesser-known rural areas and coastlines.

I have visited Hong Kong numerous times over the past few years, and always manage to find something different to see each time. Hong Kong is such a diverse city, and it is one of my favourite places to go for street photography. From the backstreets of Mongkok, to the sunrise view from Lugard Road, the city is a playground for photographers. Couple that with the amazing food, people and shopping, Hong Kong really has it all.

Street Food in Hong Kong

Image © Jordan Hammond, 2018

Our most recent trip took us to the new territories and outlying islands of Hong Kong – areas that I hadn’t explored or photographed previously. These areas were complete contrasting with the city of Hong Kong, with luscious green mountains, white sand beaches and a plethora of culture and history.

Lantau Island ©Jordan Hammond, 2018

Lantau Island © Jordan Hammond, 2018

Lantau Island

Our first day was spent hiking across Lantau island. Our hike took us through Fan Lau, Yi O, and Tai O, a beautiful fishing village. Despite the summer heat and humidity, it was a great day, and we got to see just how beautiful Lantau really is. We started at Fan Lau, and had some time to admire the beautiful bays before we started the hike. We walked for a few hours, up to a viewpoint overlooking the bay and then back down to the track which ran along the sea front. The highlight of the trip, though, was stopping at Yi O for a farming experience. We ate at the organic farm, before touring the farm and learning about the sustainability project taking place. The rice paddy fields, which have been out of action for some years, have been revitalised to enable local farmers to grow their own rice. The food was also delicious, and made for a well-deserved pit stop on the hike.

Sai Kung Fishing Village © Jordan Hammond, 2018

Tai O © Jordan Hammond, 2018

After Yi O, we headed by boat to Tai O, a small stilt fishing village which feels worlds apart to the hectic city centre of Hong Kong. Tai O is home to the Tanka people, who built their stilt houses on the coast of Lantau and have been largely untouched by urbanisation. We spent an hour or so walking around Tai O, and got to experience their dried seafood markets and quaint seaside temples before heading back to the city once more.

Sai Kung

Our second day was spent on the Geopark Boat Tour at Sai Kung. Just a short bus ride from Choi Hung MTR, the rugged coastline of Sai Kung boasts volcanic rock formations, sea caves and artistic water dams galore. We took a boat from Sai Kung pier, stopping at Sharp Island and boating through the natural wonder, past High Island and the beautiful coastline. The highlight of the boat trip was definitely learning about the volcanic formations on Sharp Island, including the pineapple rocks, which have been weathered and eroded to look like the fruit. The beaches on Sharp Island were also beautiful, and resembled the Maldives more so than Hong Kong.

High Island Reservoir West Dam © Jordan Hammond, 2018

High Island Reservoir West Dam © Jordan Hammond, 2018

All in all, our trip to the lesser-known parts of Hong Kong was amazing, and I will definitely be returning on my next trip to the city.

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