Hong Kong’s Market Cats

Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen gives yet another view of Hong Kong, this time though the eyes of local market cats.

Lazing 1000X1333

Following the success of Heijnen’s Hong Kong Shop Cats exhibition in Hong Kong in December 2016 and the subsequent Hong Kong Shop Cats photo book, Heijnen is releasing another book, this time focusing on Hong Kong’s market cats.

Through a portrayal of Hong Kong’s market furry residents, Heijnen captures the daily routine of market vendors and gives a glimpse into Hong Kong’s local culture.

Looking Back 1000x1333

Boxed In 1000X1333

Black Is The New Black 1000x1333

An exhibition of photos from Hong Kong Market Cats is set to run from late 2017 to early 2018 in Sai Ying Pun. Keep up to date and view more photos by following Marcel Heijnen’s Instagram page.

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All images © Marcel Heijnen

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