Chinese Whiskers: Hong Kong Shop Cats

Photographer Marcel Heijnen captures the spirit of traditional Hong Kong trade through the eyes of the traders' furry friends.

Adapted from an article in TimeOut Hong Kong

Netherlands-born photographer Marcel Heijnen was immediately drawn to the cats hanging around local shops when he first moved to Hong Kong. Traditionally thought to bring money and good fortune, cats are kept in many Hong Kong shops. Capturing the feline characters residing in shops in areas like Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun, Heijnen creates not only gorgeous portraits of cats but also captures Hong Kong’s traditional trades such as dried fish and rice, and snapshots of the city’s unique local culture.

Hong Kong Shop Cat

Tabby Cat at Hong Kong Shop


Hong Kong Cat Cleaning in Progress

Yawning Hong Kong Shop Cat

Sharing Lunch - Hong Kong Shop Cat

Hong Kong Shop Cat & Sign

Hong Kong Shop Cat in a Box

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All images © Marcel Heijnen

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