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Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park to Weather Radar Station

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Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park to Weather Radar Station

Photo credit: Wandering Photography

Average hiking time: 2 hours | Distance: About 4 km | Difficulty: Moderate

Rising 957 metres above sea level, the frequently cloud-covered Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kong’s highest peak and is visible from many parts of the city. Despite its elevation, Tai Mo Shan is accessible by foot, with several hiking trails meandering around the summit. Climb up for panoramic views, a sea of clouds, winter frosts, and colourful seasonal blooms of flowers.

Rotary Park

Photo Credit: Wandering Photography

Stop 1: Rotary Park

Before you hike uphill on Tai Mo Shan Road, check out the Rotary Park near the entrance of Tai Mo Shan Country Park. The park features groves of cherry blossom trees from Taiwan. From around February through early March, this is one of Hong Kong’s best places to see cherry blossoms.

Don’t pick the wild plants.
Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre

Photo Credit: Derek Yung

Stop 2: Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre

We recommend approaching the mountaintop via Tai Mo Shan Road near the Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre. This is a gentle ascent on a paved path that winds up the southern slope of Tai Mo Shan.The visitor centre has an exhibition gallery that aims to help you explore more about Tai Mo Shan’s forests as well as climate change issues.

Open 9:30am to 4:30om on Mondays, and Wednesday to Sunday. Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays) and the first two days of the Chinese New Year.

Level and paved uphill road; exposed on most parts of the trail.
Tai Mo Shan Road & Tai Mo Shan Lookout

Photo Credit: Anthony Lau

Stop 3: Tai Mo Shan Road & Tai Mo Shan Lookout

Continue uphill on Tai Mo Shan Road for about 1.5 km, and you’ll arrive at the Tai Mo Shan Lookout. If the weather is clear, you will be treated to sweeping views of the surrounding hillsides as well as the plains to the west. If you hike this part of Tai Mo Shan in autumn, you can see beautiful silvergrass and aromatic madder that grow along the slope.

If you are lucky, you might see a sea of clouds from the mountaintop in spring. Such phenomenon usually occurs just after rain.

Weather Radar Station

Photo Credit: Anthony Lau

Stop 4: Weather Radar Station

Tai Mo Shan is topped by the Hong Kong Observatory’s weather radar station; when its gigantic sphere comes into sight, you’ll know that you’re almost at the peak. At 950 metres, this is also the highest overlook in Hong Kong. On a clear day, it offers expansive views in all directions. Around the station, silvergrass covering the slopes is tinged with gold by the sun.

Remember to bring extra clothes: the temperature on the windy peak is about 5 to 6 degrees Celsius cooler than the city.


There are eateries at the Tai Mo Shan Country Park car park and Visitor Centre.

To the starting point:

From MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit A, walk to the bus stop on Tai Ho Road North. Take bus 51 to the Country Park stop. The entrance of the country park is on Tai Mo Shan Road.

From the end point:

Return by the way you came to the Country Park bus stop. Take bus 51 to MTR Tsuen Wan Station, where multiple modes of transportation offer access to the rest of the city.

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