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Meet Shane Osborn, award-winning chef, reality TV star and proud Hong Kong resident

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If Shane Osborn looks familiar, it’s no coincidence. Not only is he the mastermind behind Hong Kong restaurants, Arcane and Cornerstone — you may also recognise him from Netflix’s reality cooking show, The Final Table, where he sizzled his way to the finals with fellow Aussie chef, Mark‌ Best.

I just thought it was a very dynamic, exciting place to come because of the food culture here.

Born in Australia, Shane spent 20 years in the UK before making Hong Kong his now-permanent home. The celebrated chef collected his first Michelin star at the age of 29, becoming the first Australian chef to do so for London’s renowned Pied à Terre restaurant, and gaining a second for the restaurant before moving to Asia for a “change of scenery.”


He decided on Hong Kong for a number of reasons. “Hong Kong is a truly international city,” said Shane. “I just thought it was a very dynamic, exciting place to come because of the food culture here.”

Shane Osborn

In contrast to the UK where people meet up in pubs, “the way of socialising here is in restaurants. People like to explore and try new things, and they’re very open-minded when it comes to restaurants. You can get every type of cuisine in Hong Kong and for a restaurant or chef, that’s a very exciting place to be.”

When I can’t read the menu, I just point my finger and hope for the best. It usually works out really well.

Open-minded is exactly what Shane is, and he loves to visit local restaurants — often with his staff. “Most of the places I go to with my staff, I wouldn’t even know the name because there’s no English translation,” he says. “When I can’t read the menu, I just point my finger and hope for the best. It usually works out really well.” 

Mak's Noodle

Photo credit: Mak's Noodle

Like a true local, some of Shane’s favourite local dishes include  Mak's Noodle , braised beef tendon in soup and Hong Kong-style French toast with a drizzle of condensed milk. A fan of casual dining, he’s especially intrigued by what the locals are eating.


“The other day, I took the Star Ferry  from Central over to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) and walked all the way to Kwun Tong. For three hours, I just explored the back streets of Hong Kong where all the factories are, along with the restaurants in the back. It took me back to the vision of Hong Kong I had growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s — you know, the steam, sweat and little plastic chairs outside that people sit on while eating a bowl of wonton noodles, slurping away. It’s quite a romantic picture and I like that:‌ the un-shiny, raw side of Hong Kong.”


Cheung Chau

Photo credit: CHUNYIP WONG

Favourite escapes in Hong Kong.

When he’s not in the kitchen or exploring local neighbourhoods, you can find Shane hanging out at various Hong Kong beaches including Big Wave Bay or Cheung Chau, which he calls one of his “favourite escapes in Hong Kong.”


“You get on the ferry from Aberdeen, get to Cheung Chau, go for a swim with friends and have a nice cold Blue Girl beer. I grew up in Australia, so when you live by the seaside, you go swimming every day. There’s something so relaxing and therapeutic about diving into a sea of salty water. It’s good for the soul.”


 Sheung Wan

Back in the city, Shane walks to work every day from Sheung Wan, a place he’s called home for the last two and a half years. “It’s got a real village feel to it with all the little bars, cafes and art galleries,” he says, calling it the “creative part of the city.”


So what’s next? “We’ve got two restaurants now, and we still have plans to develop and grow in Hong Kong in the next couple of years. The community built around us — our staff, network of suppliers and regular guests — have really made Hong Kong my home,” he says.


Having lived here for the past eight years, Shane says he plans to “stay in Hong Kong for as long as Hong Kong will have me.” And judging by the city’s insatiable appetite for Arcane and Cornerstone, we’re betting he’ll be here for the long run.

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