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I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. 1. What is ‘Hong Kong Goodies’? What offers are included in the promotion?
    • To welcome travellers to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Tourism Board and businesses across the city have come together to present the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion. Visitors can take advantage of the promotion and enjoy a complimentary welcome drink at one of more than 100 bars, restaurants and hotels. The ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion will continue to expand to feature offers for different tourist attractions, Quality Tourism Services outlets and transportation services.

    • Visitors can redeem the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ visitor consumption vouchers between now and 31 December 2023.

  2. 2. Who is eligible to participate in the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion?

    The offer is exclusive to visitors staying in Hong Kong for 90 days or less. The offer is available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis.

  3. 3. I am not in Hong Kong yet. Can I register in advance?​
    • You may register for an account in advance by clicking the “Log in/ Sign up” icon on the top right hand corner of the Discover Hong Kong website.​​

    • After receiving the Hong Kong Goodies visitor consumption voucher, follow the steps here to acquire your preferred coupon at a merchant of your choice.​

  4. 4. I’ve booked my visit to Hong Kong and received a link to the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion. I will arrive in Hong Kong next month, should I register now? Is there an expiration date?
    • You can register for an account on the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s one-stop deal platform ahead of your visit to Hong Kong. (Accounts must be registered under overseas mobile numbers.)
    • Upon successful registration, click the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion link and add the desired coupon to the digital ‘My Wallet’ within 90 days.
    • Coupons are valid for 30 days upon acquisition. Expired coupons will not be reissued.
  5. 5. How many rewards can each registered account receive?
    • Each registered account may acquire one offer only.

    • Once acquired, the coupons cannot be cancelled or changed.

  6. 6. Can the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ Promotion be used in conjunction with promotions from participating merchants?
    • Unless otherwise stated, visitors can use the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ Promotion in conjunction with other promotions at participating merchants, including discounts, on sale items, and cash vouchers.

    • For more details, please consult the participating merchants and refer to the terms and conditions of the ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ promotion.

  7. 7. I have already obtained the Hong Kong Goodies visitor consumption voucher before arriving in Hong Kong. Should I add the coupon to ‘My Wallet’ immediately?​
    • You may register for an account in advance. Please refer to Q4 for details.​

    • Unless otherwise stated, please add your desired coupon to ‘My Wallet’ within 90 days of registration. Expired coupons will not be reissued.​

  8. 8. How long are the coupons valid for?
    • Unless otherwise stated, the coupons are valid for 30 days from the day of acquisition to ‘My Wallet’. Expired coupons will not be reissued.

    • Please refer to the participating merchants’ terms and conditions and hours of operation when using the coupons.

  9. 9. After successfully acquiring an e-coupon, how can I use it at an outlet?
    1. Log into your account on the HKTB one-stop deal platform via your mobile device and select ‘My Wallet’. 
    2. Under the ‘Available’ tab, select the respective downloaded offer, and click the ’Use coupon’.
    3. Scan the HKTB QR code provided by the merchant with your mobile to redeem the offer.
    4. Present the redemption confirmation message to merchant staff.
  10. 10. Can I change the coupon after adding it to our wallet?

    The coupon cannot be changed or cancelled once it has been added to ‘My Wallet’.

  11. 11. Why am I unable to scan the merchant's QR code using my mobile device?
    • Make sure to grant the website access to the camera on your mobile phone to scan the QR code.
    • Android mobile and Chrome browser users can follow the steps below to authorise camera access:
      1. Tap「⋮」on the top right corner of the webpage and select ‘Settings’.
      2. Select ‘Website Settings’.
      3. Select ‘Camera’.
      4. Activate camera function.
      5. If the website you are visiting is listed as 'Blocked’, select ‘Authorise’ to unblock.
      6. Return to the original browser tab or window to access ‘My Wallet’; click ‘Use coupon’ to activate the camera and scan the QR code.
    • iPhone mobile users can follow the steps below to authorise camera access:
      1. Go to ‘Settings’.
      2. Select the browser used to access the ‘Discover Hong Kong’ website. (Safari, Chrome etc.)
      3. Under ‘Settings for Websites’, select ‘Camera’.
      4. Under ‘Allow application to access camera’ select ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’ to enable camera setting.
      5. Return to the original browser tab or window, and refresh.
      6. Go to ‘My Wallet’ on the Discover Hong Kong website and select ‘Use coupon’ to activate the camera and scan the QR code.
  12. 12. Are coupons only valid for dine-in at hotels and bars/ pubs?

    Coupons are valid for dine-in only.

  13. 13. Does a service or minimum charge apply when using free drink coupons at hotels and bars/ pubs?
    • No, service charge is included in the coupons.

    • There is no minimum charge for visitors who wish to enjoy only the welcome drink at a participating hotel or bar/pub.

  14. 14. Is there a dress code at the participating hotels and bars/ pubs?

    Individual hotels and bars/ pubs may have specific dress codes. Please refer to the coupon’s terms and conditions or contact the merchant outlet for details.

  15. 15. Are reservations at the participating restaurants, hotels and bars/ pubs required when using the coupons?

    As reward offers are subject to availability, we suggest visitors to make prior reservations and inform the merchants about the use of coupons in advance. Please refer to the coupons’ terms and conditions or contact the merchants for details.

  16. 16. Can visitors use multiple coupons at restaurants, hotels and bars/ pubs if they're seated at different tables or if a bill is split?

    No, splitting tables or bills are not accepted for this offer.

  17. 17. Can the coupons be used for purchasing admission tickets at participating attractions?

    No, coupons are not valid for purchasing admission tickets. Please refer to the coupons’ terms and conditions or contact the merchant for details.

  18. 18. Are the coupons transferable?

    No, the coupons are non-transferable. The registered visitor must be present to log in to the account and scan the QR code to use the coupons.

  19. 19. Where can I find support for other enquiries?

    Please contact the Hong Kong Tourism Board through the below channels:

    • Visitor Hotline: +852 2508 1234 (9am to 6pm daily)
    • Email: info@hktb.com
    • Click here to chat with our Hong Kong Travel Buddy (9am to 6pm daily).



Frequently Asked Questions are for reference only. Please refer to ‘Hong Kong Goodies’ for full details of the promotion.

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