Простите, я вас не понял.

Простите, я вас не понял.

CHAT Spring Programme 2021: Interweaving Poetic Code

CHAT Spring Programme 2021: Interweaving Poetic Code explores the common thread of code, textile and care. Artists incorporates the coding system into textile(s) and clothing for care, inclusivity, open dialogue and unlearning. Through weaving creative experiences ‘with’ all, it prompts us to question how we learn and what we learn in order to value internal growth, develop a network of self-taught learners and co-existing with our surroundings and communities.

Подробная информация


1 May to 18 July 2021


11am to 7pm;
(Closed on Tuesdays)

Место проведения

CHAT and The Hall, The Mills


Museums / Galleries / Public Spaces


Free admission; Online RSVP for specific events and workshops

Где купить билет

Please refer to event website for details


phone-handset +852 3979 2301

phone-handset +852 3979 2301


CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile)

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