Trail to the Hidden Oasis

Trail to the Hidden Oasis

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Beyond the hills of Kowloon lie the New Territories. Much of the land in this green oasis remains as it once was; rural and dotted with ancient villages, vegetable farms and heritage sites with towering residential buildings for neighbours.

This tour includes a visit to Chuk Lam Monastery, which is a Buddhist monastery at the foot of Hong Kong's highest mountain, Tai Mo Shan. You’ll then head up to Tai Mo Shan lookout for sweeping views of the New Territories. The tour then continues to Shui Tau village and Shui Mei village, where clan-based village culture in Hong Kong originated. Here is where you can learn a bit more about the fascinating evolution of local rural life, before arriving at the enchanting Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees, where local villagers burn joss sticks and incense paper, in the hope that their wishes will come true. During Chinese New Year, many city-dwellers make a pilgrimage to this spot to make their wishes for the new year ahead. Join in and experience the tradition!

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