North Lookout Pavilion

North Lookout Pavilion

The North Lookout Pavilion is the highest point on Cheung Chau. Below it, the turquoise waters of Tung Wan glisten beautifully in the distance. Do your soul a favour and climb up here around sunset, when the entire view is bathed in orange and gold, and the hustle and bustle of Asia’s world city seems far away. After that, show your stomach some kindness and head down to Pak She Praya Road for some energising local seafood fare.

Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands
How to get there
Ferry from Central Pier 5 to Cheung Chau (the ordinary ferry takes about 55–60 minutes and the fast ferry takes about 35–40 minutes). From the Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, turn left and walk along San Hing Praya Street for approximately eight minutes. Then turn left onto Kwok Man Road and take another left onto Pak She Street. Walk for around three minutes to the Pak Tai Temple. From there, walk towards Pak She Praya Road and climb up Cheung Pak Road from Cheung Kwai Road. The entire journey should take about 50 minutes.
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