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Buses & Minibuses

Buses & Minibuses

Buses in Hong Kong are plentiful and comfortable, and most are air-conditioned. Especially popular are the double-deckers that offer great views of the surrounding city from the top deck.

Bus routes cover almost all of Hong Kong. Kowloon Motor Bus, New World First Bus and Citybus operate routes that cover Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. New Lantao Bus mainly operates on Lantau Island and Long Win Bus provides services to north Lantau Island and the airport. Final destinations are prominently displayed in English and Chinese on the front of each bus.

Fares are based on distance travelled and exact change is required if paying by cash. Octopus cards are accepted on all buses in Hong Kong.

Minibuses are small buses that carry up to 19 people. Green minibuses operate along specific routes at fixed prices. Exact change is required if paying by cash and they all accept Octopus cards. Red minibuses operate along routes that are not always fixed and passengers can get on and off anywhere along the route, except where special prohibitions apply. You pay as you alight when travelling on a red minibus and the driver can usually provide change for small notes.

Once they’re full, minibuses won't stop for a new passenger until someone else gets off and a seat becomes available. The ability to speak a bit of Cantonese and having some familiarity with Hong Kong will be a bonus when travelling on minibuses. Passengers are required by law to wear seat belts when one is available.