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The Peak to Lung Fu Shan Country Park: classic skyline views and unexpected ruins

South China Morning Post
  • Written by South China Morning Post
The Peak to Lung Fu Shan Country Park: classic skyline views and unexpected ruins

Average hiking time: About 2 hours | Distance: About 5 km | Difficulty: Easy

Hiking along The Peak Circle Walk is an incredible way to view the famous harbour, especially at night. Lugard Road gives you a unique sight of the city and of Lantau Island, perfect for Instagram shots of the sunset or night skyline. You’ll pass strange looking plants too, like the India Rubber Tree.

Get a 360° preview of Hong Kong's outdoors

Stop 1: The Peak Tower

Ride the famous Peak Tram up to The Peak Tower. The steep slope presses you against your seat as the tram crawls up the hill.


[ Remarks: The Peak Tram service is currently suspended for an upgrade project. For more details, please check the official website. ] 


There are plenty of shops and restaurants in The Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria.

Stop 2: The Peak Lookout

As one of the landmarks on The Peak and with a century-long history, The Peak Lookout is a Grade II historical building-turned-restaurant.

Stop 3: Lugard Road

Lugard Road snakes along the contours of Victoria Peak, offering a surreal feeling of being close to and removed from the city. About halfway, there is a perfect spot for snapping Instagram pictures.

Stop 4: Pinewood Battery

Keep heading on, looking out for the India Rubber Tree. Arrive at Lung Fu Shan Country Park and head down Hatton Road. Walk downhill to Pinewood Battery, where World War II fortifications are found.

Stop 5: Hatton Road

Get to the MTR HKU Station by walking from Hatton Road down University Drive, then follow the signs inside the Haking Wong Building at the University of Hong Kong.

Getting to The Peak Tower

  • Take the famous Peak Tram up for a unique journey.

  • Take bus 15 from Exchange Square (MTR Central Station Exit A / MTR Hong Kong Station Exit D) to The Peak.


Leaving from Hatton Road

  • Take bus 13 from Kotewall Road back to Central.

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