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Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark: explore the wild coastlines and ancient formations

South China Morning Post
  • Written by South China Morning Post
Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark: explore the wild coastlines and ancient formations

Hong Kong is home to a mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage area, with rugged islands dotted around the coast. You can take ferries or hire boats to visit most of the beaches and observe up close and touch the striking rock formations. Some are so wild, it is only possible to view them from the safety of the craft.

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Tung Ping Chau

Tung Ping Chau is as remote as you can get in Hong Kong, on the far side of Mirs Bay. Get a ferry from Ma Liu Shui, and leave your footprints across the empty beaches and rocky shores of this outpost.

Port Island — Bluff Head

Take a ferry to Port Island — Bluff Head from Ma Liu Shui. Here you can see an unusual rock, Devil’s Fist. In the distance, you can see uninhabited Port Island, with its distinctive red rock.

Double Haven

This pristine group of islands, surrounded by clear waters, feel more like the South Pacific than Hong Kong. Get a ferry from Ma Liu Shui to Kat O to start exploring.

Ma Shi Chau

Accessible by foot, Ma Shi Chau will give you a true understanding of how vast Plover Cove is, with the mountains towering over you. The sandstone on the island exhibits ripple marks in the flaser bedding.

Sharp Island

You can rent a kayak from Sha Ha Beach and paddle over to one of the many beaches on Sharp Island for a relaxing day lazing on the silky sand and soaking your feet in the clear blue water.

High Island

No longer an island, this is now connected to the bulk of the peninsula by two dams. This makes High Island very accessible by taxi from Sai Kung, with a simple hike around to clamber among the amazing ranks of hexagonal rock columns.

Ung Kong Group

The Ung Kong Group of islands offer varied landscapes, from ethereal rock arches and high cliffs, to sandy beaches. You can hire a boat from Sai Kung, or battle the swells yourself on a guided kayak tour.

Ninepin Group

A small cluster of islands, the Ninepin Group feels the full force of typhoons, and so the sea-facing shore is a fascinating tale of rock broken by wind and sea. Hire a boat to take you along the coast.

Visit the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark website for more information.


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