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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023: award-winning restaurants in Hong Kong

Sassy Hong Kong
  • Written by Sassy Hong Kong
Explore the Hong Kong restaurants that are recommended in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023

Hong Kong is a foodie’s dream come true. But if you’re finding it hard to choose from the countless dining options around the city, take a cue from the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. This year, quite a few Hong Kong restaurants have made it onto the list, and for good reason ― they all offer exceptional dining experiences, from traditional Cantonese cuisine to innovative fusion dishes. So, whether you’re a seasoned gastronome or just looking for an unforgettable culinary adventure, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. Bon appétit! 

Hong Kong’s culinary gems: Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023

Steamed Flowery Crab, signature dish of The Chairman

The Chairman (#13)

Best known for Chef Kwok Keung Tung’s Steamed Flowery Crab, The Chairman made history as the first restaurant in Hong Kong to clinch the coveted No. 1 spot on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list in 2021. After moving to its new location in Central, the Cantonese restaurant has retained its title as ‘The Best restaurant in Hong Kong’, ranking a commendable 13th on the 2023 list. 

Fresh toast with black truffle, signature dish of Neighborhood

Neighborhood (#29)

Tucked away down a hidden lane on Hollywood Road, Neighborhood is an unassuming yet charming French-Italian restaurant. Hong Kong-born chef and owner David Lai keeps things fresh and exciting with a constantly evolving menu, so no meal here is ever the same. You can, however, always order favourites like the Salt-Baked Chicken Rice. 

Smoked eggplant, signature dish of Wing

WING (#37)

Helmed by Executive Chef and owner Vicky Cheng, WING has been making waves with its exquisite renditions of regional Chinese fare. The meticulous dishes here (wait till you see the finely smoked eggplant!) are rooted in Chef Vicky’s respect for the eight great Chinese cuisines and cooking techniques. Coupled with a modern vision for cooking, the restaurant’s menu is a unique celebration of Chinese tradition with a contemporary twist. 

Mole, signature Mexican dish of MONO

MONO (#41)

Chef Ricardo Chaneton’s hip fine dining concept, MONO, marries South American gastronomy with the finesse of French cuisine. The bold yet sophisticated menu features inventive contemporary dishes that respect tradition and delight the senses with the finest seasonal ingredients. Be sure to try his signature mole, a traditional marinade and sauce in Mexican cuisine ― and a must for all first-timers!  

Land and Sea Tartare Australian Wagyu Beef and Gaboriau Oyster, Kristal Caviar , signature dish of Caprice

Caprice (#49)

Caprice at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is synonymous with elegance, glamour and class. Indulge in the finest French gastronomy, from the tantailsing Gillardeau oysters to the opulent caviar, all under the glow of sparkling crystal chandeliers. It may have just scraped into the top 50 list, but let’s not forget this is one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong that holds three Michelin stars.

Hong Kong’s rising culinary stars: Asia’s 51–100 Best Restaurants 2023

Eight more restaurants have secured a place amongst the top 51–100 on this year’s list. They are Ta Vie (#53), 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana (#70), Sushi Hare (#97), Xin Rong Ji (#90), Vea (#100), as well as three first-time entrants:

Mud crabs with ginger and coriander, signature dish of Yong Fu

Yong Fu Hong Kong (#54)

The first outpost of the Michelin-starred Shanghai-based brand, Yong Fu Hong Kong has made a splash with its authentic Ningbo dishes such as Yellow Croaker Soup. Known for its masterful use of fish from the East China Sea and local produce, the Wan Chai restaurant also features many of its parent branch’s signatures. 

Sin Lola, signature dish of Andō

Andō (#61)

Headed by Chef Agustin Balbi, Andō fuses the rich flavours of his childhood in Argentina with the ones he discovered while working in top Japanese kitchens. The result? A label-defying tasting menu that serves as a testament to the chef’s inventiveness and unorthodox approach. Be sure not to miss the signature Caldoso rice dish Sin Lola, a delectable tribute to his grandmother.  

Mussels Gemmina, signature dish of Estro

Estro (#62)

Neapolitan Chef Antimo Maria Merone’s passion for his hometown shines through in every dish at his first restaurant, Estro (Italian for ‘inspiration’). Drawing inspiration from his homeland, he elevates traditional Neapolitan cuisine through progressive cooking techniques. From the succulent Mussels Gemmina to the expertly crafted Bottoni pasta, each dish tells a story of the chef’s ancestors, history and childhood. 

All images courtesy of individual restaurants

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