Bicara sekarang

Bicara sekarang

Maafkan saya. Saya tidak mengerti.

Maafkan saya. Saya tidak mengerti.

Chinese Culture Festival 2024

The inaugural Chinese Culture Festival embodies the essence of the past and present. Get ready for a fascinating mix of programmes, including the opening dance drama Five Stars Rising in the East, Chinese Opera Festival programmes, exemplary local arts projects recognised by the China National Arts Fund, performing arts programmes, film screenings, exhibitions and talks.

Presented by:
Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau

Organised by:
Chinese Culture Promotion Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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June – September 2024


Various Times
Please refer to event website for details.


Various Venues
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Various Prices
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Tickets available at URBTIX

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phone-handset +852 2268 7323

phone-handset +852 2268 7323

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