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Painting a bigger picture of Hong Kong’s art scene with Uli Zhiheng Huang

  • Written by Localiiz
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There are few things we enjoy more than getting new perspectives from locals themselves. To immerse ourselves in the distinctive energy of Hong Kong’s ever-evolving arts scene, we met with Uli Zhiheng Huang, director at a prestigious international art gallery in Hong Kong. Join us as he shares his insight on the growth of Hong Kong as an arts hub and what creative developments he’s looking forward to in the near future.

“My sense of achievement comes from introducing more art to the audience, as well as paving the artist’s career and satisfying clients’ needs,” Huang shares. “It’s basically what a director in an international gallery does. It’s growing people and growing the gallery,” he adds.

Hong Kong is definitely very edgy and very experimental.

As Huang casts his mind back to when he first arrived in Hong Kong, it’s the city’s vibrant atmosphere that stands out. “Its traffic was 24/7. I lived very far away in a very tiny apartment, but the city was full of exuberance and life,” he reflects. “It’s also very motivating. I remember the general feeling of going to work every day and I felt great. Hong Kong is a city where, if you seek out work to do, there are always opportunities.”

Street Scenes

Equating Hong Kong to a piece of contemporary art, Huang feels “Hong Kong is definitely very edgy and very experimental,” and would most likely be something of an installation that requires time and experience to read into it.” The very contemporary nature, he attributes to “the young age of Hong Kong as an art hub.”

Some great art has emerged from the gallery shows in Hong Kong.

Uli Zhiheng Huang

He considers when everything began, and pins it around 2008 and 2009. ”Things started to happen when Asian buyers demonstrated more power on the international platform. And when the dominators of the industry started to realise, ‘Oh, there’s huge potential in this area of the world.’

“Some great art has emerged from the gallery shows in Hong Kong,” shares Huang. He has seen a few pavilion shows from M+ (opens on 12 November 2021) and thought they were well-curated. “There are strong suits from M+ regarding Asian heritage. M+ could very easily be an icon. It would strengthen the position of Hong Kong as an art hub,” he says. “It will definitely promote awareness towards the arts, and it’s a great destination, a great public hangout space for its people.”


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