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Balanchine's Jewels

George Balanchine’s glittering masterwork Jewels was inspired by iconic jewellers. It has become one of the most renowned works of the twentieth century. The dazzling three-act ballet celebrates the beauty and glamour of precious gemstones: Emeralds, evoking the French romantic style; Rubies, celebrating American exuberance and energy; and Diamonds, presenting the magnificent grandeur of Imperial Russia. The modern classic Jewels is the epitome of glamour!

Event details


30 October to 1 November 2020


7:30pm, 30 October;
6:30pm, 31 October;
2:30pm, 31 October & 1 November


Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre


Stage Productions, Dance


HK$140, $280, $480, $680, $1,000


Please refer to event website for details.


phone-handset +852 2105 9724

phone-handset +852 2105 9724

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