Different Taste of Hong Kong

Different Taste of Hong Kong

Take a sneak peek inside a part of Hong Kong that few get the chance to appreciate on this tour of some of the city’s more down-to-earth attractions. By using public transport you can access an oft-undiscovered side of Hong Kong, experience the city through the eyes of its locals and learn how the city lives and breathes. You’ll begin with the commuter Star Ferry, then wander on foot through the bazaar-filled narrow streets of Central, travel uphill on the world’s largest outdoor covered escalator, board the historic ‘Ding Ding’ tram and finally hit the water on a Walla-walla. You’ll also get a unique insight into feng shui with a tour of some of Hong Kong’s oldest public housing, the Wah Fu Estate, and experience an ancient ritual in the form of ‘petty person’ beating.

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