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A full spectrum of Wine & Dine delights on the waves

A full spectrum of Wine & Dine delights on the waves

A Cruisecation on Spectrum of the Seas in November will be sweetened with titillating and satiating wining and dining experiences, as Hong Kong Tourism Board’s highly anticipated annual Wine & Dine Festival extends from terra firma to open seas on board the luxurious cruise liner.


Even the most seasoned cruise regulars will discover new adventures for their discerning palates from the sumptuous culinary and beverage choices, curated for various November sailings from its homeport in Hong Kong.

A dream cruise to taste the world, and party!

Imbibe to your heart’s content

How satisfying when one can enjoy a beverage of choice at any of the cruise liner’s 19 restaurants or bars, anytime of the day during a three- or four-night cruise vacation with loved ones and friends! That’s exactly what the Deluxe Beverage Package offers, available only during the Wine & Dine Festival.


Order any liquor, wine, cocktail or beer from a curated menu, or non-alcoholic beverages ranging from coffee/tea to fresh orange juice, carbonated drinks, sparkling water and mocktails, to quench a thirst, complement a gourmet meal, or whenever you simply want to kick back and relax with a drink in hand. Get as many refills as you desire. It’s no doubt a dream come true for those with a hollow leg.

A dream cruise to taste the world, and party!

Travel through time to drink in the essence of the past, present and future with limited-time specialty beverages served in four themed bars — the retro-themed Vintage Bar, Royal-Caribbean-cruise-exclusive Schooner Bar, the North Star Bar surrounded by countless stars, and the futuristic Bionic Bar manned by robotic bartenders.

The best part is that it’s only a short distance to stagger back to the luxury of the state rooms after indulging, no sober driver required.

A taste of sophistication

Wine-pairing menus are served for a limited time only during the Wine & Dine Festival at the cruise liner’s four high-end restaurants.


A six-course menu at Chef’s Table will have white wine, martinis and other high-quality alcohol from different regions complementing the appetiser, soup, salad, two entrees and dessert. Japanese omakase restaurant Izumi will serve creations such as yellowtail jalapeño carpaccio, champagne lobster and creamy lobster tempura with award-winning sakés and Japanese house cocktails. Wonderland by Dadong, famed for Peking duck, will present Italian-infused delicacies like geoduck clam fillets with fresh pepper, grilled beef filet with goose liver sauce and DaDong-style roast duck, paired with Chinese hard liquor and red wine. Jamie’s Italian, a brainchild of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, will embellish its Italian menu with selected Italian wines.

All these are sure to concoct a memorable gastronomic journey to savour for a long time to come!


For more information on wine & dine themed sailings, please visit Royal Caribbean’s website.

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