Best Of All It's In Hong Kong

Best of the Best Hong Kong Flavours

The Best of the Best Hong Kong Flavours

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From Culinary Competitions to Michelin Recommendations
Since its inauguration in 2001, the Best of the Best Culinary Awards has identified and promoted the best of the city’s Chinese cuisine through a series of competitions. This year, the culinary awards have taken on a brand-new platform, partnering with the Michelin Guide to feature a hand-picked selection of eateries that excel in four food categories, with The Michelin Guide — Hong Kong Flavours.

The Four Classic Chinese Food Categories
Dim sum, congee, roast meats and noodles are four types of food that are essential to the everyday diet of locals. By selecting just under a dozen of the most representative eateries offering each type of food, visitors can taste the essence of Hong Kong food culture, while locals can venture beyond their usual haunts to discover new favourites.


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