Multi-Destination Travel

According to HKTB’s survey, many travellers to Hong Kong want to make the most of their holidays by travelling to two or even more neighbouring destinations on one trip. To capture these travellers, the HKTB has been working with the tourism organisations of other destinations in the region to lure travellers into going on multi-destination itineraries in order to enjoy the multifarious attractions of Hong Kong and its partnering destinations all in one go.

Promoting Hong Kong-Taiwan combo in North America

  • Number of packages sold in 2017: over 4,000

Within two hours by air from one another, Hong Kong and Taiwan are an attractive combo for long-haul travellers, especially given the availability of low airfares. To step up this promotion, the HKTB and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) jointly organised multi-destination travel promotions in Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco in June 2017 to attract visitors from North America. New travel packages and itineraries had been created as a result of the promotions.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Travel Trade Cooperation Summit

  • Attendance of the summit: over 300 representatives from government organisations, tourism associations and related sectors in the Greater Bay Area

In view of the vast opportunities provided by the development of the Greater Bay Area for multi-destination travel, the HKTB and the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong co-organised the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Travel Trade Cooperation Summit in Hong Kong in December 2017. The event successfully established a platform for the travel trade in the Greater Bay Area to get together and explore opportunities for closer cooperation.