Creative Marketing Promotions

In addition to the creative social media campaigns for various mega events and to tie in with the Old Town Central (OTC) promotion in 2017/18, the HKTB has rolled out a series of innovative marketing promotions and in-town ambience building placements to attract attention of worldwide consumers and excite visitors during their stay in Hong Kong.

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Courtesy of @kozoo0421

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Old Town Central—A district where worlds collide

  • Audience reach of OTC Facebook posts: 17 million
  • Impression generated from OTC Instagram posts: 3.1 million
  • 87% of visitors think OTC enhanced their satisfaction of their stay in Hong Kong

In 2017/18, HKTB kicked off its “Hong Kong Neighbourhoods” promotion. Beneath Hong Kong’s glamorous surface lie many unique and fascinating neighbourhoods, each a destination in its own right. Starting with Old Town Central (OTC), HKTB is enabling travellers to experience these neighbourhoods in close-up detail, supporting our brand message to “discover Hong Kong like a local.”

As part of the campaign, the HKTB initiated promotions at several points along the consumer journey, from inspiring social media and online video promotions, to building in-town ambience and encouraging user-generated content (UGC), aiming to reach consumers at each stage of the decision-making journey.

Inspiring – catching the attention of consumers

  • We invited a local family of Shibu inu dogs, We5, residents of the Central-Sheung Wan district, to film a fun video. Each dog was fitted with a tail-activated camera which took pictures automatically when the dog saw exciting things and wagged its tail. The activities of the “photographers” were documented and turned into a social video supported by an outdoor campaign, which went viral across social media platforms.
  • We developed 360° videos interviewing residents, with themes of history, treasure hunt, local flavours and arts in OTC. We also created a then-and-now photo album of iconic OTC locations, using archive photographs. Both visuals and videos were disseminated via HKTB social media channels.

Planning – once we caught consumers’ attention with OTC, we gave them the means to really experience the district themselves

  • A dedicated website section named “Hong Kong Neighbourhoods” was created to promote the neighbourhoods, including OTC. Content included local insights, descriptions of Points of Interest, itineraries, routes etc.

Experience – once visitors got to Hong Kong, we enhanced their experience of OTC

  • We created a series of contemporary and chic signs representing different experiences, accompanied with insights into local culture. The signs also incorporated QR codes to lead visitors to the OTC website and Google Maps routes.
  • We collaborated with Google to develop a designated Google Maps route to help visitors navigate and explore the district.
  • We also transformed the Central Mid-Levels Escalator into a “time tunnel” and partnered with local illustrator Flying Pig to create an interactive art installation with interesting local stories at PMQ.

Share – once we enabled visitors to fully explore, experience and enjoy OTC, we then provided a hashtag to make it easier for them to curate their experiences

  • With #OldTownCentral, the campaign drove user-generated content as visitors shared their experiences, providing authentic peer-to-peer content to further promote OTC.

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Creative digital content for viral marketing

  • Social Media reach during the period of 2017/18: over 200 million
  • Video views on digital platforms during the period of 2017/18: over 52 million

Throughout the year, we have introduced various creative digital campaigns with creative content and stunning visuals on HKTB’s social media platforms and to encourage viral marketing and inspire worldwide travellers to choose Hong Kong as their travel destination.

  • Used “7 colours” as the theme to showcase stunning images of Hong Kong’s great outdoors and natural beauty taken by numerous photographers and local groups
  • Produced a video featuring a veteran gas delivery man, Uncle Hung “battling” with professional cyclist Wong Kam Po to promote Hong Kong Cyclothon in an interesting angle
  • Through story of Hong Kong’s Master of Christmas Lights, Terence Wong, and creative light painting work produced by local enthusiastic light painters, two videos were produced to promote the glittering Hong Kong WinterFest
  • Encouraged consumers to explore the best arts experiences in Hong Kong from A-Z through a Hong Kong Art Month trailer