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South Island Art Day

South Island Art Day offers exhibitions and performances in 13 art spaces across Wong Chuck Hang, Tin Wan and Aberdeen; an opportunity for visitors to interact with local and international artists and experience contemporary art and performances.

Event Highlights
Performance Art @Pekin Fine Arts
Time: 1pm
Presented by: Sam Chao

Contemporary Dance @ART STATEMENTS
Time: 2:30pm Presented by: Jessica Cheung

Contemporary Dance @ALISAN FINE ART
Time: 3:30pm
Presented by: Jessica Cheung

Contemporary Dance @WORKSHOP
Time: 4:30pm
Presented by: Jessica Cheung
Event Details
Date: 21 September 2019
Time: Noon to 8pm
Venue: Various Venues
Category: Festivals
Museums / Galleries / Public Spaces
Admission: Free admission
Enquiry: +852 2696 2353
Organiser: South Island Cultural District