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A Journey Through 'Springtime Along The River' (Hong Kong Exhibition)

A Journey Through ‘Springtime Along The River’ is based on the theme of ‘A Day in an Open City’. It focuses on culture, art and technology. The exhibition includes A Day in an Open City Exhibition, Animated Scroll Painting, Dome Theater, Song Park for Kids, Library, Forum and Gift Shop. It provides a new interpretation of the historical background and cultural connotation of the original painting. Through the modern digital language, visitors will have a fully immersive experience to appreciate the art. By the combination of the real and the virtual, it makes the Chinese cultural relics energetic, alive and prevailing.

Event Highlights
A Day in an Open City Exhibition
Animated Scroll Painting
Dome Theater
Song Park for Kids
Event Details
Date: 26 July to 25 August 2019
Time: 10am to 8:30pm, Sunday to Friday;
10am to 10pm, Saturday
Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 3
Category: Museums / Galleries / Public Spaces
Admission: General Entry: HK$10 (Free admission for age under 3 and 3 years old);
Dome Theater: HK$25 (Admission only for 4 years old or above)

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Enquiry: +852 2200 8888
Organiser: The Palace Museum
Phoenix Research Institute Limited
Phoenix TV