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The basics of taking a cruise

Are cruises all-inclusive?    

Cruise fares generally cover the basic facilities and services. If passengers want to further enjoy the cruise experience, for example, participate in guided shore excursions, or use optional onboard services like spa treatments, internet service and other cruise services, extra fees may be incurred. Please refer to the websites of respective cruise lines for details.

Do cruises offer any child discounts?

Discounts for child passengers are dependent upon the policy of the individual cruise line, in recent years some cruise lines have introduced special complimentary offers for children.

How should I choose a stateroom?

This is ultimately a personal choice, but start with a realistic look at how you’re likely to spend your time aboard. Time relaxing in your cabin vs using facilities will help determine the ideal size, type and location. Looking to splash out? Some ships offer fabulous premium suites that fit up to 11 people. Tip: Staterooms mid-ship feel steadier than those higher up or at the front/rear, where the rocking motion is felt more.

Are there any baggage rules on cruises, like on a plane?

Each cruise line has a different limit on the amount of luggage they allow. Check the websites of respective cruise lines for specific restrictions, such as luggage allowance and any additional charges.

Restaurant on cruise
Are the restaurants onboard open 24 hours? Are there any 24-hour stores for replenishing food supplies and daily necessities?

Some restaurants on certain cruises operate 24 hours a day. However, passengers can order room service round the clock, or request food and other supplies from the crew.

What are the dress codes on cruises?

Mainly casual wear — shorts, T-shirts and sneakers are welcome. Bring swimwear if you are planning to take part in watersports. Be sure to include formal attire, such as evening dresses or gowns for ladies and jackets for gentlemen, for traditional cruise dinners. Please refer to the websites of respective cruise lines for details.

How do I pay for onboard services and purchases?

The cruise card/room card/boarding card is also your charge card. You can use it to pay for onboard activities and purchases, and settle them by credit cards or cash at the end of the cruise.

What are the policies for delay and cancellation due to typhoons or other unforeseen circumstances?

While policies differ for each cruise line, there are special insurance policies for cruise holidays which you can consider purchasing for more protection against unforeseen situations.

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