Old Town Central - Where worlds Collide

Old Town Central

Woof, there! We’re WE5, a family of Shiba Inu, and we call Central our home. We mostly hang out around the Old Town Central area, outlined by Wyndham Street, Caine Road, Possession Street and Queen's Road Central, with Hollywood Road coursing through the middle.

There are five of us in the family, and although we grew up in the same household, our personalities are unique and we each have our favourite things about the area. Take a look at the video below, and perhaps you can get a sense of what each of us likes.

Old Town Central - WE5

You can see more about us and the photos we captured by clicking on our names below.

Want to explore the area and find what you like? Just follow the five routes outlined in the drop-down menu on the left to discover heritage, food, arts and hidden treasures in the warren of streets and alleys. Don’t forget to say hi if you see us along the way!