Tai Mo Shan

Tai Mo Shan

 Tai Mo Shan mapStanding at 957 metres, Tai Mo Shan is the highest peak in Hong Kong, visible from many parts of the city, often shrouded in stratus clouds. Despite its height, Tai Mo Shan is easily accessible on foot and offers sweeping views of green landscapes to photograph and explore.

Starting Point — Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre
Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre

Soon after you set off from the crossing of Tai Mo Shan Road and Route Twisk, you will reach the Visitor Centre on your left. Learn about Tai Mo Shan Country Park and climate change from local and global perspectives through the interactive panels.

Tai Mo Shan Lookout
Tai Mo Shan Lookout

Continue uphill on Tai Mo Shan Road, and you will be treated to sweeping views of the hillside and the city. Savour the breathtaking scenery of the plains of Kam Tin and Yuen Long from the lookout before the traffic control post.

Photo tips by Elvis Mo

Photo tips by Elvis MoIt’s easy to capture the city lights from Tai Mo Shan — with a tripod! Frame your photo with the silhouettes of the hills and try different light settings with the changing colours of the sky. This photo is captured using ISO100F/5.6 12sec 120mm focal length, to balance the brightness of lights from different directions.

*Former member of the Hong Kong Athletics Team, now a seasoned outdoor sports photographer

Tai Mo Shan Road
Tai Mo Shan Road

This winding section of Tai Mo Shan Road, which is also part of MacLehose Trail Stage 8, brings you towards the top of the mountain. At this height you’ll have an impressive view of the landscape both far and near, and may come across feral cows along the way.

End Point — Weather Radar Station
Weather Radar Station

Unobstructed in all directions by local terrain, this Hong Kong Observatory weather station on the peak of Tai Mo Shan collects data to form combined radar images and calculates winds at different heights above Hong Kong.

Note: Do not trespass on the station area. Return to Route Twisk by the way you came.

Trail photos provided by HK Discovery.

Tsuen Wan District
Starting point:
Junction of Route Twisk and Tai Mo Shan Road
End point:
Weather Radar Station
Average hiking time:
About 2 hours (one way)
Approximately 5 km (one way)
Replenishing stations:
There is a kiosk at Tai Mo Shan Country Park Car Park.
Level and paved uphill road; exposed in most parts of the trail
How to get there
To the starting point:
From MTR Tsuen Wan Station Exit A, look for the staircase to the bus stop on Tai Ho Road North right above the station. Take bus 51 to the Country Park stop on Route Twisk, then walk along Tai Mo Shan Road.

From the end point:
Return by the way you came to the Country Park bus station on Route Twisk to take bus 51 to MTR Tsuen Wan Station, where multiple modes of transport offer access to the rest of the city.
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