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Hong Kong Arts Month

Every March, the city revels in the annual Hong Kong Arts Month, when local and overseas artists converge to bring about inspiring programmes including exhibitions, dance, music, theatre and more. In addition to major international events, take time to explore vibrant neighbourhoods and art communities where hidden masterpieces are waiting to help you discover the soul of Hong Kong.

1–31 March 2018


A down-to-earth neighbourhood with street-level arts reflecting the everyday life of its community, as well as the textiles and crafts shops that the area is known for.

Shutter Art
A group of local artists created unique works of shutter art to showcase the shop owners and reflect their personalities and the stories behind their business. The powerful images commemorate local history, collective memories and important contributions from the community. Participants can download an augmented reality (AR)-enabled mobile app to get an idea of the artworks even when shops are open and shutters are not visible.

 Hong Kong Urban Canvas – Sham Shui Po Cultural Guided Tour
Hong Kong Urban Canvas – Sham Shui Po Cultural Guided Tour

Walking along the streets of Sham Shui Po and find out about the stories behind the shutters, as well as cultural spots in the neighbourhood.

Date & Time:
24 March: 11am, 2pm* & 4pm;
31 March: 11am & 2pm;
8 April: 11am, 2pm* & 4pm;
15 April: 11am & 2pm
Around 1 hour
Cantonese / *Mandarin
Free, prior registration required
+853 2214 0280

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South Island Cultural District: a Quiet Haven for Contemporary Art

If you like a treasure-hunt approach to discovering art, this neighbourhood is for you. In this quiet seaside district, you’ll find creative spaces tucked away in a number of industrial buildings. Called the South Island Cultural District, the area has become a perfect cradle for not only experiential artwork in various media, but also independent restaurants and non-profit studios.

Check out their website for a map, and stay tuned for more information about the area.

 South Island Art Day
South Island Art Day

Discover 23 galleries and artist studios that will be hosting exhibition openings, art performances and artist talks on the south side of Hong Kong Island.

29 March 2018
Selected galleries in Wong Chuk Hang & Tin Wan

Fo Tan Industrial Area

A friendly art cluster where you’ll find art studios run by painters, sculptors, calligraphers, illustrators, film makers and more.

Stay tuned for more about the area.

 Fo Tan Open Studio
Fo Tan

Go behind the scenes of the Fo Tan art studios of local and overseas artists and explore their workplace. Some artists are also offering visitors a first-hand experience at artwork production. Come and engage in dialogue with the artists in an open and friendly atmosphere!

31 March 2018
Fo Tan Industrial Area