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ASHK x HKAGA Sculpture Exhibition

Co-presented by Asia Society Hong Kong Center and the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, Sculpture Exhibition connects the local art community through collaboration between galleries and cultural institutions. Twenty one sculptural works from 18 local and international galleries will be displayed across the historical premises of Asia Society, offering heritage, nature and art throughout the visit. In conjunction with the exhibition, a full-day Art Talk programme will be held and live-streamed to engage local, regional and international audiences on a variety of art subjects.

Event Highlights
Art Talk
Date: 28 March 2020
Time: 11am to 3:30pm
Venue: Lippo Amphitheater, Asia Society
Event Details
Date: 26 March to 26 April 2020
Time: 11am to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday;
Closed on Mondays
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Category: Museums / Galleries / Public Spaces
Admission: Free admission
Enquiry: +852 3480 5051
Website: www.hk-aga.org/event/ashk-x-hkaga-sculpture-exhibition
Organiser: Hong Kong Art Gallery Association
Asia Society Hong Kong Center