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The Yulan Festival of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community

The Hungry Ghost Festival, Yu Lan, is an ancient Chinese festival celebrated by the Chiu Chow communities with Chinese opera performances and special ceremonies. There will also be exhibitions and games to relate the background and history of the festival.

Event Highlights
The Yulan Festival Exhibition, Yulan Thematic Displays, Thematic 3D Photo Shooting Area, Special Vegetarian Snacks
Date: 1–3 September;
Time: 10am to 8pm

‘Hong Kong Blessings’ Ceremony
Date: 1 September;
Time: 1–3pm

Yulan Festival Offerings Competition for Families
Date: 2 September;
Time: 1–5:30pm

Festival Treats Competition
Date: 3 September;
Time: 1–6pm
Event Details
Date: 1–3 September 2017
Time: 9:30am–8pm, 1 September;
10am to 8pm, 2–3 September
Venue: Soccer Pitch 1, Victoria Park
Category: Festivals
Admission: Free Admission
Enquiry: +852 2559 2181 (Chinese only)
Website: www.fhkccc.org.hk
Organiser: Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations