Hong Kong Asia's World City


If you’re trying to get an overview of Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. These e-guidebooks provide an insight into everything from award-winning Chinese dishes to some of the best hiking trails around town.

Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong

Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong

Discover the serene side to Hong Kong on its beautiful hiking trails and cycling routes.

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Azure Voyage‧Hong Kong X Cruise

Azure Voyage • Hong Kong X Cruise

Embark on an exciting cruise and check out the latest on-board activities with actor Daniel Wu, and take a look at his favourite Hong Kong neighbourhoods.

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Hong Kong A Traveller's Guide

Discover Hong Kong – A Traveller’s Guide

Discover the best Hong Kong has to offer travellers with this broad overview of the city’s countless options, covering everything from iconic city experiences to the great outdoors.

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