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Time OutBy Time Out Hong Kong (29 August - September 2012)
streetside skewers

Hong Kong’s street-side vendors sell a tasty variety of skewered snacks. Sometimes it’s intimidating staring into the vats of slow-cooked delicacies – but have no fear, Time Out guides you through every tasty stick.

Cheong Foods (泉昌美食) - Curry squid Chuen

streetside skewersWhat makes the squid ($10) here extra tasty? For starters, it’s smothered in a delicious homemade curry sauce that’s scented with roasty notes of herbs and spices. Then there’s the squid itself, which has a distinct chew without being tough and rubbery. This won’t change your life but it’s a pretty good quick fix for those snackish cravings.

Address: 150 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai
Tel: 2575 8278
Languages: Chinese only
Miu Shu (妙舒) - Pork siu mai

streetside skewersMiu Shu sets itself apart from the gajillion other street stalls by serving steamed and skewered siu mai made with real minced pork and fish paste. The siu mai here ($7/four) are flavoured with diced mushrooms and could easily do without that extra splash of soy sauce. Be careful though; since they’re made with fresh pork, you might bite into bits of fat and gristle.

Address: 11B Fau Tsoi St, Yuen Long
Tel: 2312 0898
Languages: Chinese only
Maji Yummy (牛下真好味) - Octopus

streetside skewersThis is not something we usually order from a mobile snack cart but we’re glad we tried Maji’s boiled octopus-on-a-stick ($8). The thick tentacles are surprisingly tender, boasting an almost sashimi-like texture that yields easily to the bite. Eat with a swipe of mustard and thickened sweet sauce for a good time.

Address: Shop 47, 1/F, Cheong Ning Plaza, Tsuen Chong Ctr, 98 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan
Languages: Chinese only
Ying Heong Yuen (凝香園) - Deep-fried intestines

streetside skewersThese bright orange rounds ($10) are made by wrapping various layers of pig intestines into a sausage-like bundle. Trust us: it’s really much more appealing than it sounds, especially when it’s deepfried in oil until the outer casing becomes crisp while the centres remain moist with an ever-so-slight chewiness. Enjoy these skewered things with a squeeze of sweet sauce.

Address: 3-7 Cannon St, Causeway Bay
Languages: Chinese only
Welcome Food Court (時來食坊) - Giant fishball

streetside skewersCheung Chau’s street vendors believe in the ‘bigger is better’ mentality – instead of serving one-bite fishballs, you’ll find tennis ball-sized versions of the popular snack. Several stalls sell these but Welcome Food Court is our favourite. They serve two large fishballs and one regular-sized one per skewer ($10). Order them plain or douse them in chilli or satay sauce.

Address: 150 San Hing Back St, Cheung Chau
Tel: 2986 9969

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