Great Outdoors Hong Kong 2017-2018

Great Outdoors Hong Kong

Guided Hiking Tours
Explore Hong Kong’s unique geology and ecology with a professional guide! All the planning has been done for you to get up close to lesser-known natural treasures. Click here for details.

New to Hong Kong’s great outdoors? These featured hiking and cycling routes are some of Hong Kong’s most popular, and may be your perfect starting point, as they are no more than a couple hours from the city’s teeming downtown. And with spectacular cityscapes, rustic villages, serene islands, and historical and cultural landmarks, the variety of the routes will lead you away from Hong Kong’s centre, while taking you deeper into its heart.

Picture-perfect Vistas

If you follow the advice to take only photos then you’ll want to make sure they are Insta-worthy shots! The following routes have some of the most photogenic outdoors scenery in Hong Kong, along with inside tips from local experts on how to capture it.

Geological Wonders

From volcanic to sedimentary rocks, Hong Kong is home to diverse geological formations that manifest as striking landscapes and scenery. Get closer to the natural wonders shaped by the elements over millions of years.